Travel Beauty Tips: How to Look Good when Travelling

As great as travelling is, you have probably noticed just how challenging it is to look good while you do it. When you get dressed you think you look great, but by the time you walk off the plane (or step out of the car, bus or train) then look like a wrinkled mess. You see the paparazzi shots of celebrities always looking amazing while they travel and you wonder how on earth they pull it off. Well, we’re here to help you out and make sure you look good while you travel. Check it out.

The first point we want to let you in on is, you don’t have to have a massive budget to completely transform your travel look. You don’t need an entirely new wardrobe, you just need to make smart decisions. But you can’t get on a plane without double-checking on the essentials, especially your visa and passport. For instance, if you’re visiting Cambodia, you have to check whether you’ve met all Cambodia visa requirements and then proceed to think about your wardrobe.

  1. Comfort and Style – the style of clothing you choose is just as important as comfort. This is especially true of long trips. There is nothing worse than dressing simply for style and then spending your entire trip fidgeting in discomfort. So, be sure to choose wrinkle-free fabrics (like spandex blends). As light and comfortable as linen is, it wrinkles like nothing else, so give it a wide berth. You will feel far more comfortable and confident if you choose one of your favourite outfits to wear on your travels. Just make sure you check the fabrics. You should know quite well about how well it wears, though, seeing as you wear it so often. Ladies, if you love a dress, consider a floral print maxi-dress. Fellas, you can easily throw on a polo shirt with dark wash jeans (or even chinos).
  2. Hair – now is not the time to get experimental with your hairstyles. Instead, stick to something you know and love. The more comfortable the better. Whether that’s a long French braid or you simply tie it back in a low, side ponytail. It needs to be easy to fix and redo if necessary. You might want to avoid using products like gel, hairspray or mousse if you plan to restyle your hair at some point. You want to avoid that crispy look, plus, these products often result in flakes after a while. So, if you’re taking a short trip, you might get away with using these. However, long trips? Go easy. You can always apply products before you step off the plane.
  3. Minimal Makeup – you may feel as though you can’t leave the house without makeup, but you’re better off to skip it in favour of a light BB cream. Now, if you feel confident enough to go bare-faced you can keep your BB cream in your hand luggage and apply it before you disembark the plane. Then you get a fresh-faced look for your arrival. Just be sure to have handy wipes to give your face a wipe down before you apply your cream. You can also use rice paper to blot your T-zone and minimise the appearance of oily skin. Heck, that’s just a good tip for life in general, you don’t need to wait until you’re travelling to try that one out.
  4. Hydration – when you get dehydrated, so does your skin. Which is definitely going to prevent you from looking food on your travels. So, as challenging as it can be to stay hydrated while you travel, you need to do it. No one likes to use aeroplane bathrooms, but… needs must. Pick up a big bottle of water after you get through security and take it on board with you. If you’re on the road, well, keep drinking. Even if it means more rest stops.
  5. Eat Well – you will feel better if you eat regularly and healthily on your travels, so if you need to pack great snacks do so. Whatever it takes to keep yourself well nourished. As tempting as those greasy foods can be they will only contribute to oily skin, the appearance of acne, and dull skin. So, if you want to look good while travelling, you’ll stick to the healthier items available to you.
  6. Freshen Up – sometimes how you look is all in your head and you feel like you look terrible when you travel because you don’t feel fresh. So, take everything you need to freshen up so that when you land or step out the car, you feel like you look amazing. That means having a toothbrush and toothpaste handy, deodorant, and your favourite perfume. If your perfume is too large to take on board you can fill a small spray bottle with water and drop in your favourite essential oil to spritz.

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