Transforming Industries With A.I. :  Interview with REWIRE Co Chair Errol Vas

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Errol Vas is a Canadian marketing consultant, brand-owner, business owner, and co-chair of REWIRE, a series of AI & Tech seminars hosted in Wuxi, China. Today, we’ll learn about the upcoming REWIRE: AI & Technology event Errol is co-chairing alongside its creator, UK-born Engineer Johan Knapp.

Tell us a little about REWIRE, and how you became involved with an AI & Technology based series.
For sure. The REWIRE: AI & Technology event series examines each industry in our society, from healthcare to sports, and provides insight into what changes AI technology will bring to these industries. This is really important because every major industry is on the verge of being drastically changed by AI. Businesses of all sizes need to learn what can be done to adapt to these changes as to ensure long-term sustainability in their respective industries. My involvement began when REWIRE’s creator, Johan Knapp, brought the idea to me. We have different backgrounds. He has an Engineering & Tech background, I have a background in Business & Marketing. However, we both share an interest in Artificial Intelligence, so creating the REWIRE event came together nicely.

And how is REWIRE unique from all the other AI-themed events today?At the moment, many AI & Technology events do a great job at showcasing the latest innovations in the AI field, but fail to relate these new technologies to the industries that will be affected by them. Our industry- specific REWIRE events not only showcase the latest advancements in AI technology, we bridge industry leaders, researchers from top academic institutions and the most innovative Tech companies to provide answers for businesses in each impacted industry. For example, what changes will AI bring to your industry? How will it change the business landscape of your industry? What can your company do NOW to ensure it remains profitable and sustainable in the future and how can you do it? REWIRE answers these questions and provides solutions, rather than just showcasing new technologies.

And what industry will your upcoming REWIRE event focus on?
Our upcoming REWIRE: Education event examines AI’s influence on the education industry – specifically the advantages AI will offer to learners, the trajectory of school technology use, the impact on the multi-billion dollar education industry, and solutions for educational institutions to ensure future success & profitability in a rapidly changing business climate. And, we’ve gathered a very strong panel of guest speakers to do this.

Tell us about your guest panel speakers
Certainly. We chose 4 panel speakers based on their unique experience with technology and/or the education industry. We have top Chinese AI expert, CEO and Founder Fan Yingming of Beijing Tsinghua University. Wu Xaio Xin, CEO, Co-Founder of Zhongyu Science & Technology, and educational-technology expert. Wendy Zhou, CEO of Olean Education and retired teacher. Trevor King, a veteran College Admissions expert and Dartmouth Alumnus with extensive knowledge of the multi-billion dollar admissions industry. It’s a very solid line-up. In attendance, we also have industry leaders from both the tech and education industries.

In terms of technology, cities like Shenzhen and Shanghai have an international reputation for technology innovation. Why did REWIRE chose to host its event in Wuxi City?
That’s a great question. Wuxi is an emerging IoT (internet of things) technology city and is growing at an incredible rate. In fact, the World IoT expo is being held in Wuxi just a few weeks before our REWIRE event. IoT and Artificial intelligence are becoming more intertwined. AI is essential to Iot- the overlap is apparent. The City of Wuxi is pushing to become an IoT technology hot spot, and we’d love to support that initiative with our REWIRE events.

Great. Is there anything else you’d like to let our audience know?
For anyone interested in attending the REWIRE: Education event but can’t make it to China, tune-in to the livestream on September 21st at: . Also, visit the website for more information and inquiries.

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