Transformational Beauty Treatments To Invest In For 2017


Some say beauty is only skin deep, but they must have never cared much for their own. Those of us that put time and effort into our beauty routines know that beauty is more than the superficial appearance some say it is. It’s a confidence booster, a shield, a hobby. When you look and feel great, you can take on anything.

So, why shouldn’t we invest our energy and money into something we love? When beauty makes us feel that good, it’s an art worth focusing on. If you’re looking for the ultimate in beauty treatments to try out, these are these you should be spending your time and money on in 2017.

Lash Lift

Lashes are all the rage at the moment. From defining tints to lengthen extensions, there are so many treatments available to create the lash affect you love. But this one definitely trumps them all. Lash lifting treatments are incredible. In a way, your lashes are permed (semi-permanently) to have a longer lasting curl to them. If you suffer with super straight lashes, this treatment will achieve what no eyelash curler has ever achieved before. And if you have short lashes, they’ll instantly look longer.

Body Contouring

Health and beauty go hand in hand. While we focus on the beauty products and treatments that we love, we often do our best to maintain a good level of health. Sometimes, it’s harder to carry out the upkeep required to have the toned figure of our dreams – whether that’s reflected in the face or the body. But, body contouring treatments can make all the difference when you’re struggling to see change through diet and exercise (read at


Like eyelashes, brows are big. In fact, big brows are big. Full, defined eyebrows are what the thin, non-existent eyebrows of the ‘00s were in the ’00s. If you over plucked yours in the ‘00s, or they’re naturally thinning out as you age, there is a treatment that can completely transform your brows. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent makeup that creates fine, hair-like strokes to recreate your eyebrows (read more about the process here – They look so natural that they can even add definition and take years off your appearance.

A Course Of Facials

They’re nothing new, but facials are the beauty treatment you should never be without. Even if you think you have a killer skin care routine down, it’ll be nothing compared to a thorough salon facial. When you book a course of facials, you know you’ll have great skin coming your way. If you have concerns, such as dull, dry skin, acne or aging, they’re a must to get your goals back on track.

Teeth Whitening

Most of us strive for super white, incredible looking teeth. But, not all of us are willing to do what it takes to get them. It’s not even a complicated process. A teeth whitening treatment with your dentist is all it takes. Perhaps because it’s based at a healthcare center, rather than a beauty salon, we tend to overlook it. But no amount of toothpaste or whitening strips will have the same effect. It’s time to bite the bullet and get your whitening process booked in.

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