Transform Your Premises with Custom Made Furniture

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We’ve become so accustomed to buying flat pack furniture in stores and online that we tend to forget about skilled craftspeople who design unique pieces of custom-made furniture. If you take a look around your area, you’d be surprised to learn just how many talented makers exist. There are many great reasons to ditch the flat pack and purchase custom furniture designs for your home or business.

Connect with Your Furniture > Choosing a custom-made piece of furniture introduces both sentiment and meaning, it isn’t just a piece of wood you’ve purchased from your local retail shop. When you approach local craftspeople, you get the opportunity to connect with them on a whole other level, you get to learn about their story and why they work in this specific industry. It gives you a chance to really appreciate the work they do and why they choose to do it. They may also allow you to put your own stamp on the product by shaping its final design, you don’t get the same experience if you buy a standard piece of furniture from a generic store. A custom-made piece always has a story, something you can pass on to your kids in the future.

Unique Piece of Art > A custom-made piece of furniture is a unique piece of art designed specifically for your needs. Working with an artisan to create a spectacular item allows you to fully appreciate the process. There are also times when you’ll visit a store and choose a piece of furniture without having to provide any input, the item will speak to you in ways that a generic piece doesn’t. If you have some cool or funky idea in your mind, you can consult with the sculpture to see if you can bring the concept to life. There are several high-quality artisans who specialise in custom timber furniture in Melbourne and the surrounding area. They are creative thinkers who love to work with open minded clients on new projects.

High Level of Care & Workmanship > A once off piece of custom-made furniture requires a certain level of care and attention. The maker looks to connect with this piece and construct something that is truly unique. It is completely different to mass production, expert craftspeople treat each piece like a work of art, they mould the design to perfectly reflect its quality and their craft.

Eco-friendly > You’ll find that most custom-made furniture designers use 100% recycled timber when making their products, if they can’t find recyclable material, they buy their items from sustainable commercial plantations. Buying environmentally friendly custom-made furniture is a great way of doing your bit for the environment.

Knowing Supply Chains > It has become increasingly difficult to find out where items come from considering the vast network of supply chains in use around the world. The great thing about sourcing furniture from a local craftsperson is you get to see where they’ve purchased the material and how they operate. You know exactly where your product has been made and by whom, there is no guess work involved. They’ll tell you where they sourced the material from and who was involved in its assembly.

There is no better way to transform your home or business than to purchase custom-made timber furniture. You have the ability to work with a skilled craftsperson who can create a unique, once off piece which you’ll find nowhere else. In addition, you get to reduce your carbon footprint by working with environmentally friendly designers who fully understand their supply chain.

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