Toys: How They Can Help in Your Kid’s Physical Development

Physical Development

These days there are more toys than ever, and every child loves them! Even as adults, we still reminisce about our favorite toys when we were kids. There is a common misconception that toys are only for having fun, or that they distract kids from more meaningful pursuits. This could not be further from the truth. Playing with toys is an enormous part of every child’s physical, mental and emotional development.

In this article we are going to look at how toys can help in your kid’s physical development.

1. Develop Hand Eye Coordination

The first way that toys can help your child’s development is by improving hand eye coordination. A great toy to use with your child is the bubble gun. Children love bubbles and as they try to catch or pop the bubbles they are automatically using their hand eye coordination. There are so many other examples of hand eye coordination toys and we found a great range at with just a quick google search. Any toy where kids need to throw something at a target has the same impact on the child’s hand eye coordination. A really fun toy is the ring toss where kids have to throw plastic rings around a pole. This will help develop a child’s hand coordination as well as being an opportunity for children to practice counting as they keep score.

2. Develop Strength and Reactions

Physical Development

The second way that toys help with children’s physical development is that they help to develop strength and reactions. Physical toys like bats and balls help children to develop vital physical skills like hitting, throwing and catching and also reaffirm their hand eye coordination and in particular their reactions. Throwing and catching a ball with young children is one of the best ways to improve a child’s reaction skills. The popular toy whack a mole helps increase reaction times and is also a great way to strengthen grip and increase a child’s strike power as they try to hit the moles with the hammer.

3. Develop Balance and Speed

Other toys that promote physical activities such as skateboards, roller blades and pogo sticks are fantastic for improving children’s balance, speed and stamina. As well as the physical benefits that they provide, toys like this which take a lot of practice help teach children discipline, and as there will be inevitable cuts and bruises; it also toughens kids up. A really great toy to play with the whole family is Twister where players have to twist their bodies into funny shapes to touch certain colored spaces on the board. Twister is almost like yoga for kids and helps to improve their flexibility and dexterity.

There are so many toys on the market, which will help your child’s physical development. Kids love to be active and the great thing with active, physical toys is that children develop without even realizing. The skills and attributes that are promoted through play will just be a byproduct of play. Surely, there can be no better way to develop!

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