Top Video Marketing Tools to Boost Your Online Sales

For businesses and marketers, having a robust marketing tool is a long-term investment. With sophisticated systems and AI integration, these tools have been helping brands attract customers and close more deals.

From creating engaging content to conducting market research, the options for video marketing tools today are vast. It may get challenging for you to choose the best one for your business. So, we’ve hand-picked top video marketing tools for boosting your online sales.

Let’s explore the list!


Vidyard is one of the most popular video marketing tools among marketers. With features strategically designed for them, it offers a comprehensive and valuable platform to optimize content engagement and sales.

Vidyard has robust measurement capabilities where marketers can gain valuable and accurate insights to enhance their sales funnel and return on investment (ROI). Most importantly, with $19.00 monthly, Vidyard should be on your consideration as your marketing tool.

Key Features


Channel Management

Content Management

Bulk Uploading

Content Library

Lead Capture

Email Management

ROI Tracking

Sales Trend Analysis

Reporting and Analysis


An option for an affordable video optimization tool is TubeBuddy. This video management tool is built specifically to enhance your YouTube marketing strategy. With $3.00 monthly, you can improve content creation, management, and optimization without any hassle.

TubeBuddy can assist you with essential tasks such as keyword research, tracking search result rankings, generating thumbnails, and more. Additionally, your marketing team can schedule the release date and time for video publication.

Seamless content delivery helps you enhance your team workflow while making decisions more accurately. TubeBuddy also allows for efficient updates across public channels to boost overall channel management.

Key Features

Activity Dashboard

Bulk Uploading

Content Management

Reporting, Analytics, and Statistics

Closed Captions

Video Editing and Management

Insider the Video Search


Consider Wideo your go-to for creating engaging marketing content, from animated videos to presentations and tutorials. This web-based platform is a perfect fit for small and medium-sized businesses, and it kicks off at an affordable $59.00 per month.

Concerned about the cost? Let’s see what makes it worth it. Wideo offers a variety of ready-to-use templates to the table, and they add more templates each month. Its user-friendly interface ensures that even without editing expertise, you can navigate the platform seamlessly.

Moreover, the drag-and-drop interface simplifies video editing. You can effortlessly incorporate logos, video footage, and images, giving your content a personalized touch. And for those looking to avoid the nitty-gritty, Wideo offers the option to connect with skillful graphic designers to help you create unique and authentic content.

Key Features

Animations & Transitions

Video, Image, and Text Editing

Pre-Built Templates

Image and Media Library

Content Management

Presentation Streaming

Social Media Sharing and Integration


Agorapulse can be your all-in-one solution when running a video campaign for your brand. It offers a comprehensive solution for social media content, from scheduling to publishing videos and handling online messages.

With $49.00 per month, you can do many marketing matters within a single platform. For instance, it helps you instantly identify key influencers, monitor social channels, manage content, and generate insightful reports.

Moreover, the integration capabilities of Agorapulse extend to major social media platforms. It also has a social inbox system to help you prioritize and respond to various queries, communications, and complaints from fans or customers.

Key Features

Mention Management

Social Media Management

Activity Dashboard and Tracking

Automated Publishing and Scheduling

Campaign Analytics and Management

Brand Tracking

Collaboration Tools

Content Library

Hashtag Tracking

Influencer Tracking

Keyword Filtering and Tracking

Wondershare Filmora

Filmora is among the most versatile video editing software designed to create, manage, and distribute marketing videos. A user-friendly drag-and-drop interface allows you to import and arrange multimedia elements seamlessly.

Filmora provides a diverse set of elements for enhancing videos. You can add or delete specific clips, crop videos, adjust playback speed, add watermarks, and rotate images. Moreover, you can add animated texts, stickers, filters, overlays, transitions, sound effects.

On top of that, you can export videos in various file formats, including MP4, WMV, HEVC, AVI, GIF, and MP3. With $19.99 monthly, Filmora is undoubtedly a worth-investing tool for enhancing your video marketing and campaign.

Key Features

Content Management

Drag-and-drop Interface

Image Editing

Video Editing

Media Library

Multi-Channel Marketing

Multimedia Support

Social Media Integration

Social Promotion


Using robust tools is crucial to help you navigate your video marketing project. From video editing tools to content optimization platforms, the above options are some of the best recommendations.

The key features of each tool mentioned are only some. Each tool has more features and plans with different pricing. Take your time to choose the best video marketing tools for your business because they will be your long-term investments while growing your business.

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