Top Tips To Successfully Trim And Cut Curly Hair From Home

Heading to the hairdresser is something that needs to be done periodically. However, there is no escaping the fact that this is an expensive option. The good news is that it is possible to trim and cut your hair at home. This can simply be to help your hair look great between visits to your stylists. Or, it can be to reduce the number of visits and save yourself some money.

After all, everyone is feeling the pinch.

Wash First

It’s best to cut hair when it’s dry. However, it is also best to cut hair without any products in it. Therefore, your first step is always going to be washing your hair. To do this you’ll need to invest in the right products. That means shampoo and conditioner with natural ingredients designed for curly hair.

This will ensure all products are removed from your hair without damaging it or irritating your scalp.

You can then let your hair air dry if you have the time. If not, a hair dryer with a diffuser on a cool temperature setting will suffice.  

Your hair must be completely dry before you attack it with a sharp pair of hair scissors. Do not be tempted to use your normal kitchen scissors.

Position Your Hair

You can do this by gently moving your head back and forth, allowing the hair to settle into its natural position. It’s a good idea to collect any hair that sits past your shoulders and place it on each side of your neck, allowing you to clearly see the ends.

Less Is More

You’ll now want to decide how much to trim off the ends. Try to visualize your hair slightly shorter and make note of any split ends. This will help you decide how much needs to be trimmed. But, remember that it’s easier to cut off more than it is to add hair back. In other words, do a little first, you can always take a little more off.

The Cut

When you cut, hold a small section of hair in your hand. Make sure your index finger and middle finger are where you want to trim. You can then use them as a guide as you cut the hair. It can help to hold the hair upward and face it toward 12 o’clock on an imaginary clock face. Repeating this every time you snip will help to ensure the cut is even.

You can then continue with the rest of your hair, doing it in sections and taking your time.

Ruffle Your Hair

Once you’ve made the cut flick your hair back into its natural position and run your hands through your hair several times. You want to see how your hair looks when it settles. You can even brush it into your usual style to verify that the cut is even, not too blunt, and looks good.

If you have any concerns you can carefully trim individual strands of sections in the same way as described above.



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