Top Tips to Remember When You Move Cross Country

When the day you move is finally here, you’re probably tired of packing up your belongings and tidying up the house, so you’re hoping for an easy and non-stressful moving day. 

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Reviewing your To Do List

Having a To Do list before you make any big plans is always a sensible option, especially if you really want everything to go exactly as planned. When you move across the US, you simply can’t afford for any major problems to occur.

To avoid any major problems, ensure you have a notebook and pen handy for the day in case you have any last-minute ideas or things to remember that you don’t want to forget.

The Morning

Waking up early is a fairly important part of any moving day. The night before the move, try to get to bed as early as possible so you have a good night’s sleep after all of that work. 

Dressing Appropriately

Even if you have hired a moving company to lift all of those heavy boxes for you, you might be helping them a bit, so it is recommended to dress in casual and breathable clothes. Try to avoid anything that is made of fragile material (as it might get caught on something and rip) and long skirts/dresses as they will get in the way. 

Before deciding on your outfit for the next day, it is advised to check the weather of your destination. If you are moving in the summer or moving to a hot country, you will want to wear lightly coloured clothing, and if you are moving in the winter you might want to wear more layers and keep some extra warm clothes at hand. 

Welcome the Incoming Movers

Whether you are hiring cross country moving companies, or friends and family to help you with the move, be sure to greet them before getting focused on anything else. Providing them with any additional information about the property that hasn’t yet been addressed is a good thing to do before you begin to leave. 

Place items that you don’t want in the moving van next to you or in a place where they cannot be confused with the other boxes going into the van. In case anyone tries to pack them in the van, make sure to inform them that those particular boxes are not going in the van. 

Finish any Last-Minute Packing

Any additional items that you may have used the night before the move such as toiletries, electronics, bedding and clothing should be packed and stored away in a place where they won’t get confused with the other boxes, as it is recommended that you pack a “first night” bag with all of your essential items in it. You will want to keep this bag with you at all times, but if that’s not possible it should be the last thing to go in the moving van. 

Do a Final Walkthrough

Double-check that everything is going as planned and that you have signed any additional paperwork, packed up all of the boxes, and taken out the bins so that the property is set for the new owners. Make sure that the place is looking neat and presentable before leaving for the last time. 

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