Top Tips for Wedding Invitations You Need to Know

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Getting married is the best and beautiful moment of life. You also want to make your wedding moments more enjoyable and memorable. For inviting the loved ones at the wedding you send them invitation cards. In this article, I will show you some tips with the help of you to get the best invitation card.

  1. Choose Wedding Card Design

This is not even for the wedding invitation cards. You should have to choose a design for the card. Either you are looking for elopement cards or any kind of card. Defining a card should be your first step. Whenever you will go to any wedding card designer shops, or surf the internet for wedding invitation cards they will show you some designs and let you choose. You should have to choose that design in which you can put everything that you want. If you have chosen the design appropriately then all the things will go correctly in the selection wedding invitation card.

  1. Choose The Colors

It is the trend in the western and US regions that people set the color theme for their weddings. Of course, they also like to choose the wedding card in the same color as the theme. The writing on the card should be bold. You can use the combination of black and golden color for the writing. The font of the writing should be readable for the normal human eye. In simple words don’t choose lighter or more hard colors. If the background color is dark then writing color should be light, or background color is light then writing color should be dark and vice versa.

  1. Set the Size and Shape

The standard size of the wedding invitation card is 4.5-inch x 6.25 inch, and the shape of the card you can set according to your choice. It is just standard size, it is not compulsory you should choose this size. You can set the size and shape according to your needs. Sometimes due to some bad circumstances, you need to change the wedding date, so we recommend you choose the size where you have enough space to put the new date for the wedding. Nowadays mostly square, scalloped and circular shape wedding cards are used. Remember you also need to choose the envelope size and shape accordingly.

  1. Don’t Stuff the Card with Words

The writing on the card should be precise. On the upper part should mention the greeting words, after that mention the name of the bride and bridegroom. After that mention the wedding date, time and venue. At last, put the message for your people and request them to attend the wedding ceremony. Your sentence should have humbleness and don’t need to fill the card with words. People don’t have time to read the whole card, so keep it precise and meaningful so your loved ones could easily understand your feelings and love for them.

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