Top Tips for Throwing a Pool Party


When the weather is scorching hot, nothing beats a pool party with friends. A few drinks, some tasty snacks, and a lot of laughs all make for a fun afternoon or evening. So if you are planning a pool party this summer, check out my tips for making sure your guests have a splash happy time.

Help! I Don’t Have a Pool!

Not having a swimming pool might seem like an insurmountable problem but really it isn’t. There are lots of ways to create the vibe of a pool party without actually having a swimming pool, although it does help if you can borrow someone else’s swimming pool for the day.

A hot tub or Jacuzzi is the next best thing to a full-sized swimming pool. Guests can strip down to their swim wear and chill out in the water with a drink or two. They can even have fun with inflatable toys if they are feeling frisky, although it might get a little cramped in there.

Cocktails and Beers

A party isn’t much of a party if you don’t organise lots of cool drinks. Beers are good for pool parties, but it is a sensible idea to provide a selection of beverages to suit all tastes. Cocktails can be fun, but you need to have a good repertoire of recipes and a ready supply of fancy liquors. Alternatively, mix up a big bowl of punch and let guests help themselves; if you add lots of fresh fruit to the concoction, it will be even more refreshing.

One way to take care of the drinks side of things is to outsource the refreshments. Book a mobile bar service such as That way you won’t have to worry about buying in extra drinks because your guests can order from the “bar”. In fact you don’t even have to serve alcohol if you prefer a tee-total celebration – opt for mocktails or even coffee instead.

Ribs and Steaks

BBQs and pool parties go together like strawberries and cream or Posh and Becks. The great thing about a BBQ is that you can keep it simple: throw a few steaks or ribs on the BBQ, provide some salad, and your guests will be in seventh heaven. Don’t forget to cater for any vegetarians, however, or you may have a few disgruntled guests.

Lights and Music

It isn’t going to be much of a party if you don’t have some cool sounds and a lighting scheme for when the sun goes down. Music is easy enough: simply plug in an iPod to a speaker system and put your favourite playlists on repeat. Failing that, bring a pile of CDs out and pop them into a portable sound system. As for lighting, solar powered lights are great for summer parties because they charge up all day and light up all night. Do make sure that there is enough lighting, however, or safety could become an issue.

Pool parties are always fun, but make sure your guests don’t take their drinks into the water or there could be accidents!

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