Top Tips For Greener Smoking

greener smoking

For anyone who regularly enjoys the benefits of smoking customized cigarettes, the crutch will be no stranger. For those not familiar with the term, the crutch is the mouthpiece tip put into the end of a hand-rolled cigarette.

Commonly made from cardboard, a good tip is at the center of the art form which is rolling your own. For those serious about their smoking, a glass tip can elevate you to the next level.

Everyone who has smoked in their life will know that the crutch makes smoking a much more enjoyable experience but why should you invest in a glass tip? Below we look at 5 reasons why you shouldn’t smoke without one:

Yellow Fingers

The give-away sign that someone’s been smoking roll-ups is the tell-tale yellow stains left on their fingers. Smelling and often sticky, these stains are unsightly as well as potentially embarrassing. Using a cardboard crutch can still leave behind a trace of nicotine and tar, however, a glass tip avoids this happening. The solid shaft provided by the tip will make smoking a more refined experience and lock away the dirt from your hands.

Extra stability

The fact that they’re known as crutches makes this an obvious insight, however, extra stability all of the way through your smoke comes as standard when using a customized mouthpiece.

The build of a joint is all important, both functionally and aesthetically speaking. Using a cardboard crutch will add much better integrity to the structure of the build but glass tips take this one stage further. Once you find a tip which is of a length and width to fit your own personal taste, you can roll the perfect cigarette every time.

Cooler Smoking

No, no, not that kind of cool (well maybe…?) cooler as in temperature. Most glass tips are specially designed to bring the smoke into your mouth at an optimum temperature. This is especially true when you get towards the end of the cigarette and the burning embers are closer to your mouth.

More than making for a better feeling, it’s also much better for your throat. Everyone who’s smoked several ready-rolls back-to-back will attest that the heat can quickly build on the back of your throat but glass tips prevent this happening.

Improved filtration

Part of the art in rolling a paper crutch involves techniques to prevent tobacco and herbs coming through the filter and into your mouth. Glass tips come designed with a pinch in their shaft which stops this happening too. The fact that they work effectively every time can be a major bonus for many smokers though.

Finer finishing

The problem with not using a crutch of any kind is the final draw becomes an unenjoyable struggle to claim the last blasts. Cardboard filters make this easier, however, they can leave a bad taste in your mouth if the burning embers set fire to the filter itself.

Glass tips make smoking with less wastage, simple. Using a premium glass tip also allows several uses before cleaning and repeating the process again and again as often as you feel the need.

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