Top Tips for Building a Home Office

Starting an independent business is an incredible achievement, as well as coming with many challenges. If you have recently embarked on a business venture, one of your tasks will be finding somewhere suitable to work from. You might be thinking about hiring a hot desk or leasing a small office space somewhere – both are great options. You could also decide to work from home, cutting out timely commutes and travel expenses. If the latter is something you’ve been leaning towards, it’s important to make sure you create the perfect workspace at home.

Some self-employed people choose to work from a study or convert rooms into a home office. This is great, but if you want to completely separate your workspace for your living space, building a separate home office on your property could be the way to go. Here are some things to think about if this is something you want to do.

Planning Permission

If you’re going to construct an additional building on your property, extend your house or make modifications to any existing structures (e.g. a barn) on your land, you’re likely going to need permission from your local authority. There are several reasons why people need to get planning permission, from conservation concerns to the health and safety of their neighbors. Contact City Hall to find more information about how you can secure a building permit before any construction work begins.

Get a Good Contractor

Of course, to make sure your home office is built properly you should always hire a professional contractor to do this for you. You are likely to need the services of an architect as well to help you design your home office – especially if you’re building one from scratch. Ask friends and relatives if they can make any recommendations and take your time to compare quotes and do your research before you agree to hire anybody, as often people get stung by ‘cowboy’ contractors. Along with a contractor you need to find someone who can survey the land if you intend to expand your home office a bit more. A search of land surveyors near me will find you with a ton of options, but you will need to vette them, like the contractor, to ensure they are professional.

Find Good Windows

Another step in the construction of your home office is finding good windows. Having a good amount of natural light always improves the atmosphere in a room and is better to work in. Expert companies that offer different window solutions can provide a range of styles that suit both residential and commercial properties; therefore, finding the perfect windows for your home office should be easy. Plus, good quality windows will help to regulate your energy bills by providing good insulation in winter.

Electrician and Plumber

As a home office, naturally, you will need to have electricity available to you. Wiring a building is yet another thing that must be left to professionals like Milestone in Fort Worth, otherwise, you could risk harming yourself and others with faulty wiring. It might also be worth having some plumbing looked at too so that you can include a washroom and perhaps even a small kitchen. This will be particularly important if you’re going to have staff working in your home office with you, and clients visiting for meetings, etc.

While it might be a bigger project than converting a room into a home office, constructing a separate building on your property could be a good idea. Use these tips to help you plan your construction project for your home office.

The idea of working from home can conjure up a romantic vision of the perfect harmonious work-life balance. The reality can often fall short of the fantasy. If working from home has you feeling overwhelmed, distracted or working 24/7, there are many flexible, pay as you go offices available. So if you have a deadline to hit, but the house chores are begging to be done or the kids are crawling up your legs, you can check in to a business centre for a few hours to regain your clarity and sanity!

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