Top seven gadgets to help you stop smoking in 2020

Tobacco was discovered and adopted in the old times, but from then on, it has never left the frame. Instead, it gained more popularity, and new ways of smoking became more prominent. Using smoke pipes, cigars, and shisha with high nicotine content became a status symbol as people were readily available to adopt it. The result of it has been severe, as now, you can even find underage children to be full-fledged addicts who need medical assistance to quit this habit. That’s the reason why it is harmful and have negative consequences.

To teenagers, smoking appears to be an act of royalty, but in all honesty, it does more harm than good to the smokers. The pack itself gets sold with a warning to make people aware of its consequences.

However, if you have falling prey to this addiction, it is often challenging and challenging to discontinue this habit. Most people struggle with finding help. Since those who do stop smoking have to bare painful and excruciating withdrawal symptoms while in rehab. And these cases haven’t been of just random people, but many public figures and celebrities have also suffered from this process. Despite all this, smoking still instills a sense of confidence and leisure in individuals, which makes it compelling to quit on it.

The adverse effects of smoking urged everyone to find alternatives to smoking. Consequently, many ideas were researched and introduced so that people can find the courage and will to move away from it. Thanks to these efforts, many people were saved from potentially life-threatening situations. A tremendous amount of research on finding safer alternatives has resulted in improved ideas and gadgets that are making it easier for people to consider quitting smoking.

These are the top seven gadgets used by smokers around the globe in 2020 who wish to discontinue or limit smoking to being a pleasurable activity and not a necessity for survival.

Following are the top seven gadgets which will help you to stop smoking:

1. Electronic Cigarettes

A great alternative that seems equally classy, and still helps to quit smoking is vaping or using e-cigarettes. These vaping devices work with flavored liquids like Left coast cartridges that replicate the feeling you experience when you smoke with a traditional cigarette. Since the liquid cartridges have a lower nicotine rating, people can switch to using them and then gradually withdraw from smoking. You can easily buy eliquids online and enjoy an experience similar to smoking traditional cigarettes without causing the same damage to your lungs.

2. The NicoStopper

What better way to put a stop to your temptations than locking them away? The NicoStopper is a cigarette holding device that puts a lock onto your cigarettes and only allows you to smoke after certain intervals. You can start with short intervals and then increase them over time. It’s an expensive gadget, so you’d think twice about breaking it to get a cigarette or neglecting its schedule. That makes it a perfect device to keep you from smoking continuously.

3. The AcuOne

The AcuOne is an electroacupuncture device that exerts some gentle pressure for about two minutes to the pressure points on your wrist. While many people are suspicious of its results, studies have shown that it is an effective therapy to quit smoking if done eight to fifteen times a day. All you have to do is strap it to your wrist and use it after short intervals, or when you feel that you can’t fight the urge to smoke.

4. The QuitKey

A great way to manage any job with minimal effort is to hire a manager to do it for you. A QuitKey is a handy device that acts as a manager for your habit of smoking. If you are someone who can stand to take orders from a machine, then it can help you cut down on your smoking. Reducing the number of cigarettes that you smoke in a day can help build your tolerance levels. That way, you will eventually find yourself not as dependent on it as you were in the past.

5. The Filtrim

Another awesome gadget to use is Filtrim, which you can use to perforate cigarette papers. By doing this, you can bring down the temperature of the cigarette and decrease the number of chemicals that you inhale with each puff. You can start small and then move onto having more holes by using the gadget multiple times. People wishing to move away from their smoking habits find this device to be a great solution.

6. QuitBit Smart Lighter

Another effective method to alter your smoking habits is to take the light away from the cigarette altogether for short intervals. You can do this by using QuitBit smart lighter that only lights after a set time limit since you last smoked. It helps you create intervals between cigarettes and prevents consecutive smoking of cigarettes. Waiting on these short intervals, you can often forget that you wanted to smoke if it was just for fun. Or at times you might not find the time later on, so these intervals grow.

7. Kitchen Safe

If you are not someone too good with imposing self-rule on yourself, then the only way to get around it is to lock away your box of cigarettes. You can use a Kitchen Safe or KSafe, on which you set a timer and then can’t access its contents unless the time is up. This way, you won’t have to worry about following any schedules or using any other devices, as you get rid of the source of the problem. But exercise caution as locking it away for prolonged periods with no immunity against the urge can endanger your life. It is best to start with short intervals and then extend them with time.


If you are a smoker and looking for an alternate solution to quit smoking, then the gadgets, as mentioned above, will surely help you in finding the best solution. Always remember these alternatives only reduce your smoking to a certain extent, but it’s totally up to your willpower to quit smoking entirely.

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