Top Safety Apps For Women

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Despite all of the progress society has made in recent years, many women still don’t feel totally safe while walking alone or with a female friend in cities, both late in the evening and during the daytime too, and it’s not hard to see why.

Statistics show that 50% of US women are groped or fondled by strangers each year, with over 80% experiencing some form of sexual harassment of some form at some stage in their lives.

These statistics make for terrifying reading, and if you do experience some form of harassment, a criminal lawyer might be able to help you press charges. In the meantime, various apps have been developed to help women feel safer out on the streets each day.

From apps that allow you to tell friends you might be in danger with a simple tap of a screen to others that let you file complaints and reports about incidents of harassment you witness or experience in daily life, these simple forms of software can help to make you feel safer while fighting back against harassers.


Featuring on both the Android store and on iOS devices too, bSafe is one of the most fully-featured safety apps for women available today. Like many other similar apps, it allows you to send GPS data and audio-video feeds from your current location to friends and family.

It also comes with a “Follow Me” feature that lets your friends track your location via GPS on your phone, ensuring that you reach your destinations. There’s even a “Fake Call” feature that lets you fake a phone call in order to deter any potential harassers too.


The Shake2Safety app is free on Android devices and has been cleverly designed to help you issue a ‘cry for help’ in situations where you might not necessarily be able to pull your phone out of your bag or pocket and start actively typing out texts or calling people.

It lets you send preset emergency messages to a contact of your choice through various actions like tapping the power button a few times or shaking the phone from side to side, ideal for situations where someone might be following you or behaving suspiciously.

Eyewatch SOS for Women

The Eyewatch SOS for Women is available for both Android and iOS devices and is able to record both audio and video, via the phone’s camera and microphone, of the current situation, and then sending a feed of that footage to your contacts, along with an emergency message.

The app has some of the most accurate location tracking around, making it easy for your friends or relatives to track you down and come to your aid, if necessary. It also features an “I Am Safe” button you can press once you get to a safe location, helping to reassure your nearest and dearest that everything is okay.


Hollaback is a free app for both Android and iOS devices, and it’s all based around the concept of reporting street harassment in order to build up more evidence against street harassers.

The idea is that, by collecting more data and encouraging more victims of harassment to report what happened to them, it will become easier for authorities to clamp down on these offenders.

The app works by tracking your location and then letting you enter details about the incident you experienced personally or witnessed happening to someone else.

Circle Of 6

Free on both Android and iOS devices, Circle Of 6 is a really clever little emergency contact app. As the name implies, it allows you to select up to six emergency contacts, which could be your partner, your best friend, your parents, etc. and then be able to send them a range of preset messages if you find yourself in dangerous situations.

At just the touch of a button, you’ll be able to alert your friends that you are in danger, and the app also features location tracking, helping your contacts track you down if necessary.


We have to hope that, in the future, these kinds of safety apps for women won’t be necessary, as the society will hopefully evolve to a point where women and girls can work around freely without feeling at risk or under threat from harassers and aggressors.

Unfortunately, for now, with so many women experiencing some form of harassment each year, these apps may be considered essential in some cases and could potentially help to prevent various attacks, keeping you safe in dangerous situations or at least providing you with some much-needed peace of mind while out and about in city streets each day.

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