Top Outdoor Decor Items To Add to Your Garden This Spring

Found and repurposed objects can add beauty and character to your home’s exterior. Here are a few outdoor decor items to add to your garden this spring.

As the days grow longer and warmer, our attention turns to the outdoors. You may start to think about how you can bring greater tranquility to your garden or make it a more inviting entertainment space Shopping for new outdoor decor is fun, and you can find some wonderful new selections at garden centers and big-box stores.

But using repurposed items you find at thrift stores or stowed away in a garage or shed is economical, sustainable, and can have charming results. Here are some top outdoor decor items to add to your garden this spring.

Include Wind Chimes

Add a touch of whimsy to your garden with wind chimes made from repurposed items. You can string bent spoons or forks, old measuring cups, or different lengths of leftover pipe and hang them from a bike wheel or a coat hanger.

Build a Fence Gate Trellis

An old metal fence gate makes a great trellis for flowering vines. Depending on the size and weight of the piece, you could hang it from a beam of your porch roof or lean it against an exterior wall.

Include Raised Beds and Planters

It’s a good bet that you’ve seen an old bathtub in someone’s front yard, bursting with blooms and trailing vines. But you can also use repurposed wheelbarrows, milk cans, watering cans, or even plastic kiddie pools as container gardens or raised beds. For small spaces, you can use buckets or plastic milk jugs with the tops cut off.

Add a Birdbath

A big spaghetti bowl can make a great birdbath, or you can purchase a shiny new one made of metal, a decorative ceramic birdbath, or even one made of concrete. You can put a birdbath right on the ground or atop a pedestal to make it easily accessible for the birds.

There are several considerations to make before adding a new or repurposed birdbath to your garden. Learn how to maintain your birdbath to minimize the risk of disease for your feathered friends. The best tip is to keep it filled with fresh water and clean it frequently.

Make Garden Art

Make garden art or outdoor decorations for your yard from old kitchen items (colanders, manual egg beaters, etc.)  Craft miniature fairy communities in your garden using dollhouse items. You can glue sea glass and colorful broken ceramic pieces to the inside of a large, plain bowl that will fit a small, battery-operated pump in it to make a little fountain.

repurposed items

Add a Hammock

Unless you’re a seasoned mariner with experience tying knots and repurposing sail canvas, making your own hammock from repurposed materials may be a little beyond your skill set. You can find hammocks made of rope or canvas at most outdoor furniture stores or online.

If you have two sturdy trees in your yard that are only about 10 feet apart, you could string a hammock between them for the ultimate outdoor relaxation. If you don’t have trees or two walls at right angles that you could drill hooks into, choose a hammock that comes with a free-standing frame. You can move it around to take advantage of sunny or shady spots in your yard.

With the right outdoor decor items to add to your garden this spring, you can transform your small outdoor space into a tranquil oasis perfect for relaxing or entertaining.


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