Top Eye Makeup Tips For You

I remember my first attempt at eye makeup: bright blue eyeshadow and I managed to get mascara on about half my eyelashes. Most of us makeup-wearers probably have a similar story of embarrassing makeup looks. Thankfully, the perfect eye makeup look isn’t actually that hard to master. Whether you’re new to the makeup world or have been wearing eyeliner for years, here are some tips to up your makeup game. With these steps, you can feel confident in your makeup look, whether you’re going to work or a party.

Start Light

It’s much, much easier to add makeup than it is to remove it. When you’re applying makeup you should always start with less than you think you’ll need. You can add more layers or more colours, but once makeup is on your eye it’s there to stay. Trust me, trying to remove everything and start over almost never works, and the more you try to take off a bit of colour the more smudged and messy your makeup becomes. Also, keep in mind that a little makeup goes a long way. It’s easy to get carried away with makeup, but especially with eyes the saying “less is more” is usually true.

Start Early

You may think that achieving the perfect eye makeup starts in the morning with an eye shadow brush in hand, but think again. Great makeup involves a little bit of planning. Start your makeup routine the night before. After removing the previous day’s makeup and washing your face with a gentle cleanser, apply an eyelash serum before you go to sleep. A serum will enhance your eyelashes to create a full, lush look. It will also help your eyelashes grow in healthier and stronger. Within a few weeks of beginning serum treatments, you’ll find your eyelashes look longer and thicker, even without makeup on.

Prep Your Face

Even though we’re focusing on eye makeup, it’s important to note that every element of your makeup works together. Before you can start on your eye makeup you should clean your face to remove any oils that may have accumulated overnight. Once your face is clean you want to apply sunscreen and moisturizer. I also recommend using a good primer to smooth your skin and create an even surface for the makeup. Lightly dab some primer on your eyelids before applying any makeup. This will help your eyeshadow last longer and will avoid unwanted creasing.

Keep it Natural

Like many of us have probably learned, bright blue is not usually a good idea for eye makeup. While there are definitely times to pull out the bright colours and make a statement, it’s a good idea to stick with natural colours for a day-to-day look. You can find a lot of useful resources that suggest eyeshadow colors for each eye color, but don’t feel like those are hard and fast rules. Shades of gold and brown are safe for every eye colour since they help bring out the colours of your eyes. Gold is also a great colour because of how versatile it is. You can find subtle shades that just add a hint of glimmer, or bright, glitter filled gold shadows for a night on the town. Light pinks are also a great, safe colour, and many people love the complexity of darker green shadows. In the end, though, there are hundreds of colours out there, so don’t be afraid to choose a favourite or to play with unique colour combinations.

Master the Art of Eyeliner

Unfortunately, there’s nothing I can say that will give you the ability to magically apply perfect eyeliner every time. Eyeliner is hard, especially for beginners! The best thing to do is just to practice as much as you can. Don’t start off trying to get the perfect cat eye or a fantastic wing. Keep it simple until you’ve figured out how to keep your hand steady and force yourself not to blink. Once you can trace the line of your eyelid you can start playing with creating a more dramatic look.

Don’t Forget to Set

Once you’ve finished applying eyeshadow, eyeliner, and Refectocil Berrywell Hair Tinting Perming mascara, you’re almost done. The important thing at this stage is to try and avoid blinking or sneezing since this could wreck the look before it’s fully dried. Give your eyes some time to dry while you finish any makeup on the rest of your face. If you’re using lipstick, take the time to match your lip to your eyes, or to choose that complement each other well. When you’re completely finished applying your makeup use a setting spray to hold the makeup in place throughout the day. Click here for more Makeup Guides.

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