Top Cloud Computing Certifications

Cloud computing is one of the most hyped and popular technologies that has taken off in the past few years.  It allows for information transfer between devices easily, and is highly coveted by companies on all ends of the tech spectrum.  Cloud certification is also extremely important, as since so much important information is stored on the Cloud, it is critical that the cloud be functioning correctly, and to guarantee that, I have compiled a list of some of the best certifications for cloud computing.

CompTIA Cloud+ is a certification offered by the Computing Technology Industry Association.  This certificate represents skills in cloud computing and virtualization.  It requires around 2 to 3 years of real IT work experience.  Since there are no required courses, self-studying is the cheapest and most reliable option.  The test itself is 100 questions long, and so it is rather difficult to secure.  That being said, this cert is recommended for professionals who already have a decent background in cloud computing so it isn’t too overwhelming.

Microsoft also offers a vendor-specific certification, the MSCE: Private Cloud cert.  As a prerequisite, it requires MCSA Windows Server 2012 to be learned, in order to verify that working knowledge on Microsoft platforms is already there.  It is highly valued by employers, as Microsoft is extremely large and popular.  The key thing to note here is that there are five whole tests, so the difficulty level of obtaining this cert is above most others.  However, Microsoft offers a program, 90 days to MCSA, that helps plan out and study for the first three tests.  This certification is probably the best for people looking to either add another credential onto their list, or for a professional seeking solely certification towards Windows programs.  However, you should consider carefully before learning for this cert, as it costs upwards of $750 and takes on average 5 months of time to complete.  By completing it, though, will give you a massive advantage in searching for a job.

VMware VCP6 is created by one of the leading virtualization companies, which is a key component in clouds.  Based upon vSphere 6.0, a highly popular virtualization tool, it is a certification that adheres to high standards.  There are two simple paths to gaining certification for it- Those who already have a VCP credential need only pass the test, which is 225 USD.  However, for those who do not have a VCP credential need to take the required courses, which range from upwards of $1000 to $3745, making it a very costly venture.  The VCP credential is sought for on the market by most employers, and will enhance your chances of scoring a job.  Due to the specific and expensive nature of the exam, it is mostly recommended for professionals only.

The next one is already making a huge impact in the marketplace- Amazon’s web service certification.  It is aimed at professionals who already have experience deploying and utilizing clouds on AWS’s servers.  The credential signifies a person who creates architecture for AWS projects, utilizes their skills to work with clients on high-profile projects, and also can help design, construct and polish new projects.  Since Amazon is the top seller in the cloud computing market, it has many partners, and so this certification greatly helps with those partners in mention.  Also, AWS is commonly used by many small businesses, making it very appealing to have this credential to support these small companies.

To obtain the credential, a person needs to have a lot of previous experience with AWS, as well as be qualified as an AWS Certified Solutions Architect- Associate.  Self-study is definitely reasonable here and the test isn’t too hard, making this a valuable cert to try to obtain.

Below is list of websites to prepare for Microsoft, CompTIA and Cisco Preparation.

Finally, we have a non-vendor specific certification that covers broad areas of the cloud computing market.  The Certified Cloud Technology Professional shows an individual to be capable of handling advantages and disadvantages of multiple cloud computing programs, create cloud solutions in multiple languages, and do crisis management if an error happens on these massive databases.  Training for the exam takes three days of workshops, which aren’t necessary but very helpful for the rather difficult test.  Three exams are necessary, with hands-on testing and material testing, costing 150 each to a total of $450.  There are self-study materials available.

In conclusion, there is quite a variety of cloud certification out there, and there will surely be a lot more in years to come.  If none of the above appeal, there are various vendor-specific certifications for Oracle, Cisco, Google, as well as others.  The certification most recommended to start with is the Certified Cloud Technology Professional, as it has no prerequisites, and isn’t vendor specific.  After gaining experience, all of the other certs are fine as well.

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