This season comes with an awesome variety of hairstyles to choose from, from short hair to braids and colored hair. Our focus today is on fabulous updo s to rock on the go. With many occasions and events to attend this holiday season, simple but pretty hair updos will totally save the day and help you have a fabulous time and feel sexy as well. One thing for sure, though, is that updo hairstyles are incredibly classy. The following top celebrity updos will help inspire your look for the best updo hairstyles.


Braided updo

This hairstyle has a lot of options to choose from. Depending on your taste and style, a braided updo will undoubtedly make you create an impact and draw attention. Braided updos consist of braided hair headbands and buns among many other options. If you want to be unique and stand out more, a braided faux hawk will equally draw attention your way. Kate Bosworth, for instance, has been spotted wearing the braided faux hawk and she definitely looked fabulous.

highlow bun

High/low bun

The bun cannot miss out on this list of updos. A favorite styling choice for many celebrities, the bun has seen better days on the red carpet on several occasions. This classy style is the simplest of all updos and suits all types of hair and hair colors. The bun can be enhanced by adding more volume or other accessories to complement it. Usually worn very tight or in a messy loose way, buns are certainly perfect for a casual day out or special occasion.


Stylish chignon

From the French phrase ‘chignon du cou’ (meaning the nape of the neck), this elegant hairstyle is a must try this season. Just like buns, a chignon adds a touch of class to your look. This very classy style, almost similar to a bun, rests at the nape of your neck or the side of your neck. There isn’t much difference between a chignon and a simple bun, just the fact that a chignon hangs a bit looser than an ordinary bun. A favorite to celebrities such as Kate Middleton, there is no doubt that this style oozes class and elegance.

french twist, hairstyle

Vintage French twist

Worn as early as the 1950s to 1970s, this vintage style has greatly gained ground for official and occasion looks. This style is common in weddings and official occasions and is an easy DIY too. Just gather your hair in a very low ponytail and twist it upwards until it coils in itself then secure it with a dazzling hair pin or clip for a fresher look.



Another vintage updo that goes a long way in making you look classy and elegant. The beehive hairstyle is a neat updo perfect for special occasions. It is as easy to style as gathering your hair at the top of your head and securing it with hair pins. This voluminous style is easy and on the go for any occasion or a casual outing. Revamp this style with a sexy bang for a more casual and modern look.

Once you rock these fabulous updos, top it off with a pair of beautiful earrings or a sophisticated neckpiece to complement your hairstyle. However, do not let your accessories overpower your elegant hairstyle.

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