Top 7 Big Data Analytics trends in 2018

data analytics

Data analytic process is defined as gathering data from the social platforms to guide or assist you in developing and implementing marketing strategies. The process begins by prioritizing your business objectives.  The next stage is structuring the KPIs (key performance indicators). Along with this, you can also measure how the social media platform influences into reaching your business goals. From this state, you can follow the same path or fine-tune an approach to achieving the defined business objectives. It is helpful to check a List of big data tools online because it helps you pick and use the right one and reach your goal soon. This article also shares you the big trends and predictions of data analytics in 2018.

Cognitive technologies

These technologies are continually evolving and turning into highly capable of doing jobs that require the human intelligence. The cognitive systems are improving your business insights, products and processes by letting systems to naturally interact with a human and understand even complex questions created in the natural language.

Prescriptive analytics

In fact, informed decisions always lead to good results. The prescriptive analytics is a trend that incorporates both descriptive and predictive analytics. It is used for determining the right set of activities to do in the given situation. This process involves a blend of experimentation, mathematics, and analytics that aids business in making a proper decision according to the logic. While used properly, it can aids business in enhancing its customer experience and optimizing production.

Quick data is a new big data

Quick data applies the big data analytics process to the smaller datasets in real time for mining both unstructured and structured data and gain insight quickly on what action to take.

Automation and machine learning

The learning abilities of machines are developing at the large scale, as well as connecting processes, products and people in exciting and new ways. Currently, machine learning is completely transforming the online businesses. It is used by many organizations to perform several things such as real-time ads, speech analysis, and spam-filtering and fraud detection.

Ai improving cyber security

With the capabilities of modeling human psychology and problem-solving, improvements in artificial intelligence are said to be the defence mechanism to protect the data in the upcoming days.


When blockchain transforms that main banks, markets, and financial service applications may be uncertain to adopt the new technology or currency which is not backed by the government or nation, bitcoin adoption is increasing. This technology offers an internationally distributed ledger which changes the method data is actually stored and the financial transactions are done. It also runs on the computers distributed globally where the chains are viewed by any person.


The overall concept of wearables and  IoT (Internet Of  Things) is for taking general objects like heart monitors, glasses, watches and turn these products into the smart objects. The objects which commonly are not containing any data are currently connected to a cloud for harvesting data.  Apart from that, all devices are the considered part of IoT umbrella.

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