Top 6 Hair Removal Mistakes

So are you guilty of making the following 6 hair removal mistakes?  Below we will discuss why they occur and how you can out smart them in order to go hairless, save money and experience less unpleasant side effects.  Also learn when it is better to seek professional treatment versus doing it yourself.


  1. Over-tweezing your eye brows

Women have a tendency to over use their tweezers.  It might be because they fail to come up with a plan, are attempting to avoid having bushy brows or moving hair in directions that it shouldn’t go, which ends up forming two half circles.

Having pencil thin eye brows doesn’t create the right focal point.  Framing one’s eyes also doesn’t do them justice, or any of your other facial features for that matter.


  1. Expecting laser to provide you with completely hair free skin

Many people undergo laser hair removal treatment with the thought that they won’t have to ever wax or shave again.  However, realistically speaking, not everybody responds the same to treatment.  Laser hair removal has been approved not for permanent hair removal but permanent hair reduction.

Although it should significantly reduce the hair through making it lighter or fine or getting rid of it, it’s a good to keep your expectations realistic when purchasing a IPL device, home laser or undergoing professional laser treatments.  There is a good chance that it will still be necessary for you to remove hair.  You probably just won’t need to do it quite as often. There are some better alternative options for leg hair removal too.


  1. Using an inappropriate aftershave

Using a cheap aftershave can do more harm than it does good.  They are mainly full of alcohol in order to fight bacteria, which makes them very drying for your skin.  This results in tight and flaky skin.  The water and razor zaps all of the moisture out of your skin.  You need to replace that moisture in order to keep your skin looking healthy, prevent itchiness and ingrown hairs and to keep your skin soft.


Use a hydrating aftershave balm or lotion, preferably one that is free of fragrance in order to prevent irritating your freshly shaven skin.   A quality product will do a good job of moisturizing while fighting off irritation and pimples at the same time. Here are some of the best.


  1. Waxing incorrectly

You can save lots of money with do-it-yourself waxing.  However, you do need to use the right wax, and it takes a lot of patience, practice and skill in order to perfect the technique.  If you try to “wing it,” this can result in lots of broken or missed hair, bruised skin, infections, and wax that you can’t remove.

If you don’t want to invest the energy and time that it takes to learn how to wax properly, then the best thing to do is schedule an appointment with an experienced professional.


When or where you shouldn’t wax

There are certain conditions or circumstances where it is a bad idea to wax.  it can leave you with scabbing, bleeding or severely red skin.  They range from having a serious issue to using certain types of skincare products.  Use precaution, and discontinue using a product for awhile or switch to a different hair removal method can help you avoid some of these issues.

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