Top 5 Ways to Consume Cannabis for Your Health

After a long history of controversy and stubborn legislation, marijuana use is finally gaining nods among the majority. A recent survey conducted by the Pew Research Center finds that about six in ten Americans support the legalization trend. As more states embrace the cannabis culture, many economic and scientific players have put a renewed focus on the area of marijuana consumption. You can easily buy high quality cannabis from They are a quality store for all types of Cannabis Products & Accessories.

In popular culture, marijuana is mostly smoked.  But various experiments on marijuana consumption over the past few years have gained some interesting results, taking into consideration the fact that the medicinal benefits are more legal and widely accepted than the recreational high it produces.

These new techniques are not just novel but also health-forward. Read more to find out some of the best ways to consume cannabis for your health.


Vaping, or vaporizing, is somewhat similar to smoking, but instead of burning the cannabis, the organic plant material is “cooked” to a temperature that is enough to turn it into vapor. The vapor is then inhaled, producing an instantaneous effect that can last for a couple of hours, depending on the frequency of intake. Vaping uses dry herbs and oils that can be purchased online at websites like

Vaping is aided by a device called a vaporizer. The form of cannabis vaped matters slightly. Waxes, for example, are more potent than good ole cannabis buds are. Oil concentrates and cannabis tincture are more popular and common as they are considered purer, safer, and cleaner than most other forms of cannabis are. You can easily buy cannabis online via Canada Cannabis Dispensary.  They are one of the most reputable online dispensary for mail order cannabis.


No, you don’t have to have the nimble dexterity of a ten-year-old to roll your joint and consume cannabis. Sometimes, what you need is all in a cannabis cookbook.

Ingestants have been around for some time, but it’s only in recent years that people got to experiment and tinker with the old ways. Taking into consideration that marijuana is consumed not only for recreation but also for medicinal purposes, ingestants offer plenty of options.

Most forms of ingestants, also known as edibles, include weed snacks such as brownies and cakes, pills, dissolvable strips, sprays, and drinks. You can concoct and cook one of your own, or you can get them from health-forward cannabis brands. Try marijuana-infused granola mixes, or sprinkle them into your morning yogurt.

Edibles take longer than inhalants do to take effect, but they also last longer than most forms of cannabis use do. Remember to take note of the dose, though. Because the effects are not instantaneous, you may be tempted to consume more, only to suffer the consequence later. Overconsumption can be annoying in the least and fatal at worst.

In case you’re wondering if edible intake of marijuana shows in a urine test, it does. Although there’s no cut-and-dried answer as to how long cannabis stays in your system when ingested, most guidelines and anecdotal reports recommend eight-hour abstinence before the drug test if you want to pass. However, to be safe, an extended period of abstinence or using safe detoxification kits may be the best way to go.


Topicals are mainly used not for the psychoactive THC but for the compound CBD, or cannabidiol, present in your cannabis. These topicals include cannabis-infused balms, salves, and lotions applied to the skin, via the receptors in the hair follicles, to alleviate soreness, pain, or inflammation.

Topicals have been popular in Ayurvedic practice and have been used for thousands of years. Because topicals solely utilize CBD, they don’t cause a high. This allows patients, especially those with chronic pain, PTSD, and anxiety, to reap the benefits of the drug without affecting the mind.

The onset of the effect can take place from five minutes to two hours after application, depending on the dosage, and can last up to 12 hours. While marijuana patches have provided relief for many, it’s always safe to inspect the ingredients of your topicals to mitigate possible allergic reactions.


Tinctures are liquid concentrations of cannabis extracted from the plant using alcohol. The concentrate is odorless, which makes it convenient to use in public. Tinctures are used orally, usually by placing a few drops under the tongue for a quick effect.

If you are not comfortable smoking or don’t want to prepare your brownies, tinctures can be very handy. Their effect is not as instantaneous as that of inhalants but is faster than that of ingestants. If you’re a frequent cannabis user, you should be good for a couple of hours, but if you’re not, the effect can be felt for several hours.

Other methods of preparing your tinctures include (1) infusing it with your tea or (2) diluting it with water or juice.


And speaking of juice, there’s a current trend of blending raw cannabis with your favorite fruit or vegetable so you can enjoy a healthy and tasty everyday fix without the nasty side effects of burning marijuana. Because there’s no THC burned, none is released; therefore, your juice won’t induce a high.

Healthy Alternatives

As legislation eases policy on marijuana use, the public is also gradually discovering the many potential benefits of the drug. Safe consumption, therefore, is becoming of primary importance and should give users healthy options that will serve their purpose.

Depending on the availability of products, your budget, and your reasons for consumption, the methods mentioned above should help you explore your alternatives. Try out a method or two, and see which best suits you.

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