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Jeans is like half of your entire ensemble. Your jeans are going to decide the shape and sleek of your body beyond the torso, which is a good percentage of your entire build. Hence you can’t rely on just instinct when it comes to choosing your jeans for the day. A good pair of jeans has comfort, style, and flexibility stitched into its very fabric.

Whether you’re prepping for an indoors birthday party or a hike in the summers, vintage denim jeans can be the perfect companions for both occasions. Denim is an enduring yet dapper fabric which clings to the skin as if it was made just for you. And denim fashioned into a vintage pair of jeans is as chic as it gets.

Vintage denim jeans have been in the fashion industry for ages and thankfully are not hard to find. You can walk into a retail store or an online fashion store, such as the eLabelz, and ask for vintage jeans without being mistaken as outdated or hillbilly! The 5 vintage denim jeans ideas we have in store for you will make you want to buy them instantly, before they run out!

Let’s take a look:

  1. Denim Super Flare Jeans

    denim jeans

Look at that sleek fit descending into that voluminous flare! The superfluous denim flowing outwardly so slyly is definitely going to invite everyone around you for a second look. Despite being neat and trim, the threaded hem gives a roguish touch to the entire jeans that will be seen in every step you extend forward wearing this true vintage masterpiece.

  1. After Party Vintage Rebel Rebel Jeans

Just as the name goes, these rebellious vintage denim jeans are bound to make a statement the very moment you step out into the street wearing these. The metal loops fixed in the sides are an upscale, appealing sight that not many jeans can accomplish so effortlessly. Top this pair with a white knotted shirt and see how it makes you the most quirky of them all.

  1. Patched Vintage Denim Jeans

Not many fabrics or pieces of clothing look so snazzy when patched so rigorously. However, this pair of vintage denim jeans seems to have it all from raggedness to sleekness. Imagine how well it would embrace your build beyond the torso and make you stand out in a crowd with the added swag of that folded hem.

  1. Two-Shaded Dapper Denim Jeans


Whoever came up with the idea of bashing together two toned denims into a single pair of super classy, vintage jeans should be instantly awarded the genius of the year award! This glorious piece of denim paired with a baggy T-shirt, Dubai skyline flashing before me, with my friends repeatedly complimenting me for this unique denim combo I’m wearing, I can already sense this vintage denim jeans making me the star of the night!

  1. Bowy Denim Jeans


denim jeans

The bows on this are slick like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Everything from the color to the stitch is complimenting the accessory bows. Together, the whole piece will compliment your stride as well as the other components of your ensemble. Wear this vintage one with a radiating confident and you will be making heads turn with every step you take!

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