Top 5 Reasons To Play Shuffleboard

If you’re looking for new things to do for entertainment and an excuse to get out and get together with your friends, you might want to give the game of shuffleboard a go. It’s a lot of fun and gives you something to do while out enjoying some social time. Let’s learn more about the game of shuffleboard and some top reasons to give it a go.

What Is Shuffleboard?

While shuffleboard doesn’t yet enjoy the same type of popularity that billiards and other indoor games enjoy, playing shuffleboard is a growing trend in Australia. If you don’t know what shuffleboard is, here’s a very quick rundown on what it’s about.

Shuffleboard is played on a narrow table that is marked with various scoring zones. Weighted pucks or disks in two different colours are used to differentiate each team. These pucks are either slid down the table by hand or propelled by a cue in an attempt to land the puck in one of the scoring zones. Players alternate with each turn and there is a total of four pucks for each round. At the end of the round, the player (or team) with the highest score wins the round.

Players can also knock the opponent’s pucks off the table into no score zones to make the match play even more interesting.

It’s challenging and loads of fun for two or more players.

#1 – It’s the Perfect Game For the Ladies

Although indoor shuffleboard can be played by anyone, it’s one of the best games for ladies and perfect for a social get together. It doesn’t matter what age you are. It can be enjoyed by everyone.

Organised shuffleboard games for ladies take place at various locations in Sydney and all around Australia and are one of the best games for ladies in Lidcombe, where it has soared in popularity in recent times.

You could meet up with your girlfriends at a venue that hosts shuffleboard or, alternatively, you could purchase your own shuffleboard table to play at home.

#2 – Make New Friends

Even if you don’t have any friends who are currently interested in playing shuffleboard, as many Australian venues host casual shuffleboard events, you can simply join one of those, learn to play the game, meet some new people and expand your social circle. You’re bound to forge some new and lasting friendships through a common interest in the game.

Shuffleboard is also a way to break the ice if you’ve just moved to a new location and don’t yet know anyone in the area.

#3 – Shuffleboard Is Challenging and Loads Of Fun

While you don’t have to be some sort of an expert to enjoy a game of shuffleboard, it can be a challenging game. However, this only adds to the game’s interest and makes it more fun. If it was too easy, even a novice player would likely grow a little bored after a while.

Whether you play shuffleboard casually and just for fun, or as a serious competitor pitted against other top players, it’s an indoor game that is exciting and enjoyable for all.

#4 – Relieve Your Stress With a Game Of Shuffleboard

Anything that captures your attention and takes your mind off the stresses and worries of everyday life is a positive thing, and that’s exactly what shuffleboard does. When you’re engrossed in the game, you’ll be so focused on the gameplay that your mind won’t have a chance to think about anything else.

It’s an awesome and fun way to reduce those stress levels, have a good time and a few laughs with friends and by the time you’re finished playing, you’ll feel calm and relaxed and free of tension.

#5 – It’s a Mild Form Of Exercise

Although playing a game of shuffleboard is not exactly physically intense, it’s still movement and you will be doing something positive for your body. You’re on your feet and moving about, which helps to improve the body’s circulation and will even burn a few calories. Eye and hand coordination will improve as well.

The Takeaway

If you’re looking for something fun to do in your spare time, consider taking up the game of shuffleboard. It’s a fun and exciting game for people of all ages.

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