Top 5 Non-Surgical Cosmetic Treatments To Try

You may have a wonky tooth that’s always worried you, or you’re thinking that after being locked indoors for months you’re looking to have a glow-up — whatever your reason for wanting to change your appearance, there’s a treatment for you. For those who are brave enough to get some serious work — good on you. For others, non-surgical cosmetic treatments are the best of both worlds, giving real results without any invasive procedures. For a round-up of the top five on the market at the moment, read on!

1. Invisible braces

These small, clear braces can make the world of difference to overcrowded, irregular teeth. They work to straighten teeth over time, all without those dreaded train tracks! You can choose to order yours directly from a company such as SmilePath — and you simply need to wear the trays and replace them at ser times to get the results your after. You’ll wonder why you didn’t fix your smile sooner.

2. Cool sculpting

CoolSculpting works by cooling specific areas on the body (typically areas of stubborn fat) — it freezes and then destroys it. It’s almost entirely painless and creates excellent results. This is a body contouring treatment, so it works to remove fat cells. This is a tried and tested method that can be done within the hour!

3. Laser

If you’re one of those people who hates the never-ending process of hair removal, then this is for you. Instead of having to book a wax or shave, you can use lasers to remove hair from anywhere in your body. This is particularly helpful for anyone who has any unwanted facial hair, as it removes it at the base and with enough appointments, stops the hair from returning. You can even buy tools to remove hair at home.

4. LED masks

Here’s another treatment you can do at home — great if the pandemic is causing problems with salon procedures in your area — this one is LED face masks. They work by using two different colours of LED light (blue and red) to target acne and fight fine lines. Some even claim to improve skin’s elasticity. All you need to do is to put the mask on, sit back and relax while it gets to work!

5. Fillers

These little injects can do so much more than just plump lips — with the right practitioner, you can subtly change the shape of a nose or help to enhance cheekbones to create beautiful changes. While a needle might be frightening, the results are quick and the pain is very minimal. The fillers are placed in specific, carefully planned locations underneath the skin to alter and fill. It’s almost like magic.

Hopefully, you’ve found this list of the top five non-surgical treatments helpful. There are so many out there to choose from — it’s important to make sure you’re making any changes will full confidence in your practitioner, and awareness that what’s on the inside is much more important than what’s on the outside.


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