Top 5 Most Followed Women Celebrities on Instagram


Connecting with celebrities was never easy until social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook came in. Now with the help of these social media platforms, you cannot just connect with your friends, but you can also connect with your favourite celebrates. Instagram has been a platform which is highly loved by celebrities. Thousands of celebrities share their pictures on Instagram every day to stay connected with their fans, and we all know a celebrity is made by his or her fans. Instagram has more than 700 million users now, and apart from common people, Instagram attracts a lot of brands and celebrities as well. It is a fascinating stat that the top 5 most followed celebrities on Instagram in 2017 are all women. How are those girls? These women are ruling the Instagram with her charm and beauty. Here below is the list of top 5 most followed Instagram women celebrities.

5# Kim Kardashian

On number five in top 5 most followed women on Instagram is internet breaking sensation Kim Kardashian. The stunning beauty has around 98.1 million followers. She has always been an internet sensation and has been involved in top internet discussions. Kim shares a lot of pictures on Instagram from her latest clicks and her past as well. These days you will often see her posting pictures with her family having a fun time. But she will quickly post her latest glamour’s post whenever she is on a new project. With this huge following, she has been able to attract more following than any other male celebrity.

4# Beyonce

The famous singer and actor Beyonce is still going storing, and she is at number four among top followed celebrities on Instagram. Her songs have been loved by millions all around the world, and the fans never forget her and want to stay in touch with her all the time. Beyonce has around 99.7 million followers, and she is very close to reaching the 100 million milestones. Beyonce previously broke the internet when she posted her shoot during her pregnancy. She is still posting her stunning pictures every day, and her fans love it.

3# Taylor Swift

The famous singer and heartbeat of millions Taylor Swift is the 3rd celebrity on Instagram with the most number of followers. Though she has not been posting much these days because of, she is working on her latest album. But fans are not just crazy about her beautiful voice they are crazy about her, and they never miss a chance to interact with her on her Instagram posts. Taylor Swift has a fan following of 100 million from all around the world, and that is some achievement. So it’s a good idea to follow her, and I would not be missing her latest album for sure.

2# Ariana Grande

Another singing sensation Ariana Grande is the 2nd most followed woman on Instagram and boy she has got a crazy fan following. Ariana was recently on her Dangerous women tour, and she made sure she did not let her fans miss out on Instagram because everyone could not get the ticket. Ariana knows how to use Instagram and her stylish selfies makes you fall in love with her again. A hindered and three million people follow Ariana on Instagram.

1# Selena Gomez

The top and the most followed celebrity of Instagram or shall we say the Queen of Instagram is Selena Gomez. You childhood crush from Wizards of Waverly places is by far the most followed woman on Instagram with a huge fan following of 117 million. The singer knows who to use social media and she has maintained her top spot just like last year again. She has the most loyal fan following, and she never lets fan lose touch with her.

These are the top 5 most followed women on Instagram, and indeed they are the inspiration. If you are sad that you cannot gain a big fan base on Instagram like these celebrities, then do not worry you can also gain followers on Instagram fast with the help of Of course, you would not gain millions of followers like these amazing women, but you will still be able to get a lot of followers for your Instagram account and then it is up to you to keep them entertained.

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