Top 5 Hottest Prom Dress Styles Teen Girls Must Wear

Fashion is constantly changing. And, prom dresses are not exempted from that change. Even if proms have long been celebrated, prom dress styles continue to change throughout the years. Since this is one of the most special nights of your teenage life, you want to look good and stylish. And, with stylish means wearing a dress that is in trend.

Before you get in touch with that famous prom dress shop in your local area, here are some insider reports on this year’s trendy prom dress styles.



If you don’t mind showing your curves on prom night, then the mermaid style of prom dress is definitely for you. This style of dress hugs your body in all the right places giving more emphasis on your curves such as your waist, hips, and backside. This style comes in different variation. Some come with an open back, and even a thigh high slit. So it doesn’t matter what shape you are, with the right variation of a mermaid style dress, you are guaranteed to look beautiful on prom night.


Sleek and sexy

In a sea of loud colors and obnoxious styles, you can stand out with a sleek and sexy styled dress. This style of dress doesn’t mean you have given up on looking your most beautiful ever. It just means you don’t need all those frills you see in some prom dresses today. The silks and satins that these dresses are often made of are guaranteed to have you feeling comfortable throughout the night. Not to mention, you can dance easily in them too! Don’t forget to take pictures of you in your classic sleek and sexy style of dress.



It’s only been recently that short and trendy prom dresses have become acceptable as a style. And why wouldn’t they? They’re fun, sexy, flirty, and not to mention comfortable. That’s something all
girls are looking for in an event that can have you feeling all kinds of tense. Short prom dresses come in different hem styles, so you are sure to find one in a length that you feel comfortable with. Make sure
to pick the right pair of shoes. Remember that your dress is short so your footwear is going to get some attention too. Finish off your look with two to three accessories and you are good to go!


Ball gowns

If you want to go the traditional route, ball gowns are the way to go. Most ball gowns these days come with tops made in modern cuts which makes for a great contrast. Pick a subtle color that will tone down the extravagant feel of the ball gown. And only wear minimal jewelry. You don’t want to look overwhelmed with too many details. Sherri Hill ball gown prom dresses perfectly pull off the sophisticated ball gown style.


Empire waist dress

If you’re too conscious about your curves but you still want to look sexy on prom night, the empire waist style of dress might just save you. You can go crazy on the top design and still look sophisticated as this style is balanced out by the long flowing dress and train.

Hopefully, this list has helped bring you to the right direction when it comes to style. We don’t want you making the same mistakes as the ones from last year’s worst dressed list. Figure out which of the styles you like best and begin the dress selection process from there.

What’s your favorite prom dress style this year? Let us know in the comments.


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