Top 4 Ways to Do a Perfect Street Style in Upcoming Winter

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The coldest season is slowly but surely approaching, bringing along some new definitions of street style. And while some of us might not nod at trends and say that we’re all different and therefore should pursue our own ideals of trendiness, the truth is there are still some generally accepted recommendations that usually come straight from renowned fashion authorities.

On the other hand, winter is that more specific because it demands a perfect balance of comfort and warmth, so many among us believe there’s basically no room to discuss or even follow trends in this context. Either way, opinions do vary but we certainly advise you to try out some of our tips and see if any works for you, regardless of whether you just want to meet people online and then leave a good impression on your potential date by showing off an impeccable sense of fashion, or you just want to keep up with current trends.

#1 Pick the winning jeans + sweater combo

Yes, we can already hear you say that jeans and sweaters actually never go out of fashion. And while we couldn’t agree more with you, the fact is that jeans pieces are continuously being reinvented and the season before us is no difference whatsoever. High-waist denim, for instance, can be a great choice for the ones sensitive to the cold, but it could also make a great personal statement. Retro lovers will be thrilled with this, especially if they decide to combine it with comfy and warm blouses or shirts that casually slip of one shoulder (don’t forget the shawl though!)

#2 Don’t forget that Knits Rule

And no, we’re not talking about the ones your grandma used to make in her free time, no missy. You see, knits have evolved too, and now we can often see them enhanced with unexpected yet striking details, in asymmetric yet appealing cuts and generally improved designs that just beg to be worn while casually roaming the city streets. Moreover, they are also created with various body types in mind, meaning that curvy girls are covered too should they decide to rock a trendy knit because now there’s a possibility to choose precisely a model that is flattering to every figure out there!

#3 Go with Faux Fur and Above Knee Boots

Faux fur is awesome due to numerous reasons. Firstly, it demonstrates that you clearly care about animals and secondly – it can look amazing in early winter, and will especially do wonders for the ladies who want to put an emphasis to their sexiness. The possibilities to mix and match faux fur are basically endless because it can act as a collar on an acid denim jacket, for example, but there are also faux fur vests that extend all the way to lower thighs and can be found in a range of flashy colors, including pink and deep purple! Pair it up with above knee flat boots and you’re good to go for drinks and movie on a Saturday night.

#4 Accessorize

Beanies, caps, shawls, scarfs, you name it…winter is indeed a perfect time of the year to get playful and explore the variety of available accessories (and the choice is huge, believe us!) We would warmly recommend you to choose accessories that go in vibrant colors because these are huge hit this season, and can represent a perfect contrast to wintry-white environment. On the other hand, you can always opt for more neutral variants such as earthy, brown, beige and nude in order to add that familiar warmth to your overall outfit, which is in a perfect accordance with a holiday season that’s just around the corner – wouldn’t you agree?

What do think about these – Yay or nay? Feel free to share your opinion in the comment section below because we would really like to hear from you!

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