Top 4 iconic t-shirts for the summer

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No matter where you live, you have this kind of pride for your hometown.

There are some things that you always need to have in your wardrobe and t-shirts are one of them. Brooklyn Tshirt Factory offers a wide range of graphic tshirts, swarovski rhinestone tshirts & snapbacks. The founder behind Brooklyn Tshirt Factory Joe L. believes you should be proud wherever you come from and makes a statement with his awesome shirts. The shirts has been featured on Living Social for an entire month. I made a list of my top 4 iconic t-shirts that are perfect for the summer.

1. “I met god she’s black.” This is one of my favorite shirts all time. When renaissance artists painted God into their own cultures they often give him a white skin and golden hair but who says god really looks like that?


2. Are you from Jamaica? Then you should definitely represent that and be proud of it. This shirt is available in different colors like red, white, grey and blue for men and women.

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3. I love Miami even though I’m not born there I would definitely wear this shirt it’s perfect for summer! It comes in many different colors but white and red stands out for me. There is a Brooklyn, Toronto, Texas, Harlem, Chicago and L.A. version of this shirt too. miami tshirt

4. I’m a big fan of argyle shirts, this brass knuckles shirt is available in blue, grey and black. Pair it up with your favorite jeans or shorts and you are ready for summer! argyle shirt

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