Top 3 TV lifts manufactured by Firgelli Automations

TV lifts

It is not surprising that TV lifts to pop up your TV from a cabinet or ceiling are becoming popular, it’s not just cool technology it can actually make your interior look great. This piece of technology makes it possible to make your television “disappear” when you’re not using it. No matter if you have a TV in your bedroom, living room, bathroom or outside there is a TV Lift solution for any place you can imagine. Let’s be honest a TV is not the most attractive piece of art in the room and when your interior matters to you a TV lift is a convenient solution.

Firgelli Automations develops home automation products such as TV lift mechanisms, office table lift mechanisms and linear actuators. They manufacture their own TV lifts which means you will get manufacturers pricing. No need to break the bank for this great piece of technology! Are you looking for a TV lift but you do not know what kind of model, size or color is best for your interior? Read on for the top 3 TV lifts.

1. Wouldn’t it be great to watch TV outdoors under the stars, a romantic movie or a sports game? The Firgelli Automations outdoor TV lift makes it possible. Don’t worry it’s weatherproof:

TV lifts

2. Take your entertainment to the next level with the Firgelli Automations pop-up TV lift. Easy to install in your wall or cabinet with the instruction manual that is included with all their lifts:

TV lifts

3. Did you know that Firgelli Automations pop-up lifts can be found on yachts, kitchens, patio’s and home theaters? You will certainly enjoy this TV lift:

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