Top 3 memorable wedding gifts from Silver and Pewter Gifts

Are you still looking for a gift to surprise your partner? Or are you attending a wedding but don’t know what to give to the happy couple? A wedding is a beautiful day so don’t forget to enjoy it! Such a special day deserves a special gift for the bride and groom to celebrate love. Read on to find out the top 3 memorable wedding gifts from Silver and Pewter Gifts. Elegant gifts made from high quality silver and pewter that will last a life time.

wedding gifts

1 Engraved wedding tray

When it comes to wedding gifts the best gifts are the ones the happy couple can cherish for years. Something to remember this special day. This engraved wedding tray is made of pewter. An engraved wedding tray is a great keepsake. You can engrave a special message or the wedding invitation.

2 Pewter cuff bracelet

Jewelry has a special meaning. For example earrings, necklace or a beautiful bracelet with a special message engraved. You can personalize the bracelet with a special message or the bride and groom’s wedding date. This is a great gift for a bride!

3 Champagne flutes

When there’s something to celebrate you drink champagne! No wonder the bride and groom will be happy with a pair of champagne flutes! You can choose between a polished or satin pair and you can engrave names, dates a couple sentences or a monogram. These elegant champagne flutes definitely belong in the list of memorable wedding gifts. A great surprise for the happy couple on a beautiful day!

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