Top 3 latest beauty trends from Thebeautyimge

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Whenever I look for news about makeup, beauty and fashion trends I visit Thebeautyimage. They are uptodate with the latest trends. You also have the option to publish your own beauty articles on this website and they have a discussion forum where you can ask any beauty or fashion related question. Here are some cool trends that I discovered on Thebeautyimage:

1.) This beauty trend is from Korea and I had to share it with you. It’s a little trick but will make your lips pop. Light out the edges of your lipstick with concealer to create this effect.


2.) Another trend I discovered on Thebeautyimage is Wavy hair. I think this look is sophisticated and feminine. Combine it with red lipstick to make this look even more elegant. Jessica Alba looks amazing with wavy hair!

3.) If you want to make your eyes look more alluring try white eyeliner. You can combine it with your black eyeliner or just wear white for a change it looks edgy and makes your eyes look bigger.

white eyeliner


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