Top 3 favorite wooden sunglasses from Hatchet Eyewear

It doesn’t matter if it’s summer or winter, sun rays can be just as intense during winter, so I prefer to protect my eyes in any season. Sometimes the plastic framed sunglasses can become a bit boring and some just look cheap. Wooden sunglasses can be a great alternative.

Hatchet Eyewear offers natural wood frame sunglasses, the material is lightweight, high quality and can freshen up your style and comes with a protective pouch to keep your shades scratch free. With UV400 polarized lenses your eyes will be protected against sunlight and each pair of sunglasses is one of a kind. I made a list of my favorite glasses.

sunglass1.) Hatchet eyewear uses only the most beautiful sourced wood such as zebrawood, walnut, duwood and bamboo. One of my favorite is this zebrawood sunglass. I love the shape and material looks classy, the fact that every sunglass is unique because of the wooden material makes it even better.


2.) I love bamboo material over mass produced plastic frames. If you want to stand out this bamboo frame is a great option, Hatchet Eyewear uses durable stainless spring hinges on all their product so you are sure the material last long.


3.) These walnut wooden sunglasses have a classic feel which I like and it is easy to combine with any outfit. You might get the feeling these wooden sunglasses are super expensive, but these handcrafted beauties have a great price compared to a lot of other eyewear brands, you don’t have to break the bank and they offer free worldwide shipping!


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