Top 3 favorite products from Total Chicness LLC

I am excited to announce that Total Chicness LLC launched their online store! The founder got inspired after a class in school and decided to provide chic fashion and hair extensions to women for all sizes after seeing other online boutiques. I love her philosophy she believes you don’t have to be rich to look good and the style represents her whole circle with chic fashion from slim to thick. Her collection ranges from chic dresses, jackets, lingerie, bikini’s and stunning jewelry. Her collection is perfect for a night out, brunch with friends or a pool or yacht party. She personally handles all of the items. I made a top 3 list of my favorite items from the store and don’t forget to follow her on social media.

1.) Elegant and glamorous at the same time! This classy sequence dress will show off your figure, the sequence at some sparkle and will enhance your natural beauty!


2.) I’m a big fan of jewelry, no matter what you wear add some jewelry and it can make you more confident. My favorite black stone bracelet with gold and silver details looks elegant and classy.You can combine it with almost any outfit. A perfect gift for yourself or a friend.


3.) I adore this chic black and white stripe blazer because it make you stand out jet it’s sophisticated. I believe versatile pieces are a must in your wardrobe. No matter what season, it is easy to layer when it gets cold.


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