Top 3 favorite molecule necklaces

minimalist jewelry

There was a time when I wanted to wear over the top statement jewelry and necklaces. But these times are behind. Right now I rather prefer minimalist jewelry. Small subtle handmade jewelry with a meaning. I love short necklaces because you can easily combine them with any outfit. Instead of bright colored jewelry I like to wear gold and silver necklaces. You might not believe it but a subtle necklace can make a huge difference to your outfit.

The molecule collection is a great example of a unique minimalist jewelry style. I was looking for nice subtle jewelry so today I made an overview of a very cool molecule collection that I found on Etsy. They are made of 14k gold and sterling silver.

I’m always fascinated by science and these molecule structures are really cool. The jewelry collection is handmade by designer Evgeny Taranov and very popular on Etsy. As a child he loved jewelry and design. After working as an engineer he decided to follow his passion and become a jewelry designer.  I included my top 3 favorite molecule necklaces in gold and silver from the collection. Let me know what you think of the collection and what type of jewelry you usually wear.


Molecule Necklace, handmade unique necklace, TNT pendant

Big Caffeine molecule necklace with chocolate earrings

Serotonin Necklace, handmade jewelry collection

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