Top 3 favorite luxury handbags by Farbod


Whenever you are looking for designer bags you want a good quality bag that last long and look better over time. Designer handbags by Farbod are exclusive and made of exotic leather like ostrich and crocodile leather. Ostrich leather is known for its texture and small studs. This gives the bag a unique and exclusive appearance. It is very smooth and strong and one of the finest leathers in the world. I made a top 3 of my favorite luxury handbags made by Farbod.

1) Holly Bronze ostrich

The designer handbags by Farbod are popular among many celebrities, socialites and supermodels like Cindy Crawford and Alessandra Amrbosio. One of my favorite is this bronze ostrich handbag. It is easy to combine with any outfit and will never go out of style thanks to the neutral colors with a splash of bronze. A high quality exotic handbag gives any outfit an upgrade that’s why this bag is perfect to add to your wardrobe!




2 ) Mona Cognac alligator and ostrich

This ostrich leather bag is combined with alligator leather which gives it a luxurious appearance. The handbags are made in Beverly Hills and made with sustainable harvested materials. The perfect bag to go shopping that will look even better over time. The Mona designer handbag is a great investment because it will last for years and will increase in value over time.


3 ) Empress mini African Violet ostrich

This jacquard weave polka dot lining luxury handbag will sure turn heads. Although it looks like the studs are made it’s not. This stunning violet bag is made of ostrich leather which gives it a distinctive look. When the feathers are removed from the ostrich leather skin the little bumps remain. The texture of exotic handbags by Farbod is durable and of high quality. This ostrich leather bag completes any outfit. You can easily combine it with your favorite pair of jeans and you will look amazing.



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