Top 3 favorite jewelry from A Peace of Mind

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Each piece is made with love and positive energy and is meant to bring a special purpose to the wearer.

I’m excited to introduce Peace of Mind Jewelry, a jewelry brand that is handmade with love and positive energy. Stephanie Chi the owner and designer of the brand was inspired to start her jewelry business because she always had an interest for gemstones and their meanings.

She use to carry a couple gemstones in a pouch but would always lose them. Stephanie decided to start a jewelry line and have the gemstones in a bracelet or necklace and make it fashionable at the same time. After a few days she started sketching a few designs and then making them come true. With over 500 + positive reviews and great feedback from happy customers shows the success of her jewelry. I made a top 3 of my favorite jewelry. Check out the store now: and

jewelry designer, jewelry
1.) Double layered gold filled necklace with vermeil tooth and blue kyanite. Blue Kyanite is a calming stone it helps you to become calm and bring clarity besides that I think this is a unique and stunning piece of jewelry!

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2.) If you need a bit of extra confidence these elegant gold filled wrapped citrine earrings will help you. Citrine helps increase self esteem and clarity of thought.


3.) Lotus Bracelet Genuine Amethyst & Rose Quartz Bracelet. Amethyst helps turning negative energy into positive and Rose Quartz is the stone of love, it will help you feel more self love and release stress.


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