Top 3 bridesmaid dress trends you should know about

dress trends

Bridesmaids have an important role at a wedding. Years ago they all wore the same long dresses in the same color. Which looks uniform but can be a bit boring. Nowadays we see all sorts of bridesmaid dress trends. Because not every bridesmaid feels comfortable with a plunging neckline and some bridesmaids don’t want to show their legs to much. You might wonder what the new bridesmaid dress options are. Get inspired with the top 3 trends!

1. The mismatched trend is here to stay

As previously said, being a bridesmaid is not easy if you can’t decide what to wear. The dress trends we see now are to mismatch and not to look uniform. Each bridesmaid can wear whatever silhouette they feel most comfortable and confident in. If you are afraid it will look messy make sure you choose the color they have to wear for example green bridesmaid dresses. Even though they have a different style because of the color it will still look great when you have a theme in mind.

dress trends

2. Lots of glitter for every bridesmaid

Soft tones and pastel colored bridesmaid dresses are not a huge surprise, but lots of glitter is! Hip and trendy dresses with a touch of glamour and gold is perfectly fine when the wedding dress is glamorous and bold. This will look great in pictures and make the wedding a festive event. What’s more fun than give your best girlfriends an important role in your wedding in fabulous elegant bridesmaid dresses.


3. Neutral colors best dress trends

If you are a bride you want to stand out. Neutral colors therefore can be a great option for your bridesmaids. You can think of colors like nude, beige or ivory. You might think these colors are a bit to boring but it doesn’t have to be this way it all depends on the right fabric and silhouette. Go for mermaid bridesmaid dresses in sand and neutral tones. It will look classy and elegant.

dress trends

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