Top 10 Instagram Tips For Bloggers

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Using Instagram with your blog is a great way to get readers.  However, if you are having problems on the social network, there are 10 tips that can help you with instagram growth.

The Sidekick Instagram

In relation to your blog, Instagram should be the sidekick.  The entire purpose of your Instagram account is to direct people to your blog in the same way that any other social network would.  The benefit to Instagram is that it is visual and this attracts more people.  Each post on your Instagram account should be linked to a post on your blog such as a picture of an event on your Instagram should have a caption stating that more information can be found on your blog.

Link Your Instagram To Your Blog

There are many bloggers who add a URL to the caption of the pictures, but this is a mistake.  Instagram does not have clickable links in their captions, but you can provide a clickable URL on your profile page.  Having a URL in the caption does nothing for you as your reader will have to write it down or remember it then go to a web browser and type it in.

The major problem with this is that most users will not do this.  A great way to get around this would be to state that there is a link in your bio when you caption a picture.  You should also provide a link to your profile page and this has been proven to increase the number of viewers who view your content.

Your Profile Page

Your profile page is the first impression that people will have of you so you need to make a good, lasting impression. With the first glance, your viewers need to be able to grasp who you are.  On the page, you should be straightforward about who you are and what you do.

You should also provide a link to your profile page and this has been proven to increase the number of viewers who view your content.

It is best that you also include your location to your profile.  People in your area might find you more relatable if they know where you are from.  You should also include some contact information because you never know when someone might want to get in touch with you.

The Overall Page

When you review your Instagram you should not only look at the posts individually.  You need to consider the makeup of your overall page.  Take a look at your page and see if the composition is aesthetically pleasing and that all your posts are stylistically matched.

It is also important to ensure that all of your pictures are high quality.  This makes the page seem more professional and this is what you should be aiming for.

Your Following

It is important that you cultivate your following on Instagram. The first step in this would be to find your niche in the hashtags.  To do this you can search for hashtags such as dogsofIG if you have a dog blog.  You should create a list of all the popular hashtags relating to your niche. Even you can also buy real Instagram likes or buy Instagram followers.

When you post a picture on your account you need to choose the right tags to use.  Popular, niche related tags ensure that your content is found by the right viewers.


Once you have found your niche hashtags you need to comment and respond to other user’s posts.  Engaging with other people in your niche is the idea of social media.  You should also start following accounts related to your niche.  This will increase the number of people seeing your account and the number of people who follow you through organic traffic.

Keep Up Communication

When someone comments on your posts you need to respond to them.  This increases the dialogue between you and your followers and this can lead to greater social engagement.  It is also an unspoken rule on Instagram that you should comment back to show that you acknowledge the support being given to you.

Have A Posting Plan

It is important that you not post too often as your followers could get annoyed if you inundate their newsfeed. Of course, you should also not neglect posting for fear of annoying some people.  Having a posting plan means that you will have a schedule that you post to which ensures you have new content for your followers.

The frequency of your posts and when you post them should be directly related to your niche and followers.  Take a look at when your follower engagement is at its highest and post during these times.  For some bloggers, this could be at 8am, but for others, it could be 2pm.

Have A Photo Contest

Hosting a photo contest is an easy way to increase activity on your account and engagement with your followers.  To start you need to post a picture explaining what the contest is and what the winner will receive.  When running the contest you should ask people to tag their friends when they enter to get your account seen by more people.

Don’t Stick To Pictures

To make your Instagram more exciting by posting videos instead of just pictures.  Of course, the videos you post should be of a high-quality and have substance to them.  The videos should be about 15 seconds long to catch your viewers’ attention, but not bore them.

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