Top 10 Christian Rock Bands

Christian rock is among the rapidly-growing and fast-evolving music genres globally. The old-fashioned stereotype of slow, smooth Christian music is gradually fading. Christian music now traverses across various genres, including rock, electronic, pop, metal, and worship.

Christian rock bands have gradually secured their place in the music industry. Typically, these bands are heavy on electric guitars, powerful vocals, and drum sets. Here are the top Christian music rock bands you should listen to.

1. Skillet

Based in Memphis, Tennessee, Skillet currently runs the Christian rock music world. Skillet is undeniably an unmatched powerhouse. You can be sure to enjoy uplifting and inspiring hard rock music from Skillet.

Currently, Skillet comprises four band members. John Cooper is the lead vocalist who plays bass. His wife, Korey Cooper, plays the keyboard and rhythm guitars. Korey, together with Seth Morrison and Jen Ledger, are Skillet’s backing vocals.

Since its establishment in 1996, Skillet has produced ten albums, including “Comatose,” “Awake,” “Unleashed,” “Rise,” and “Collide.” “Comatose” has Platinum Certification, while “Awake” has a Double Platinum Certification. In 2010, ranked Skillet among the top five bands.

Along with a few others in this list, Skillet has one of the top band merch stores online.

2. Thousand Foot Krutch

Founded in 1995, Thousand Foot Krutch is a Canada-based Christian rock band. TFK, as is commonly abbreviated, has eight albums and three remix albums. Additionally, TFK has two live albums.

The lead singer, Trevor McNevan, has one of the most unique and powerful voices. Steve Austin is the TFK drummer, while Joel Bruyere plays the bass guitar.

TFK launched their latest album, “Exhale,” in 2014. This album encompasses twelve amazing songs, including “Running With the Giants,” “Adrenaline,” and “Born Again.” During its debut, “Exhale” ranked 34th on the US Billboard 200 and made roughly 14,000 copies. “Untraveled Roads” is TFK’s second live album produced in 2017.

3. Righteous Vendetta

Originally from Wyoming, Righteous Vendetta has been in the American music space for twelve years now. While starting, Righteous Vendetta worked with Red Cord Records. Currently, the band operates with Another Century Records.

Righteous Vendetta has four members, including Ryan Hayes, Justin Olmstead, Zack Goggins, and Riley Haynie. Righteous Vendetta has produced four studio albums, including “The Dawning,” “Lawless,” “The Fire Inside,” and “Cursed.” Among the top songs from Righteous Vendetta include “Not Dead Yet,” “John the Revelator,” “Defiance,” and “Doomed.”

4. Red

Red is an unmatched trailblazer and trendsetter for the Christian rock music sector. Since its forming in 2002, Red has continued to set the pace for other Christian rock bands, not just in America, but worldwide.

Red is the brainchild of two brothers, Rand Armstrong and Anthony Armstrong, who play bass and guitars, respectively. Michael Barnes has been Red’s lead singer since its establishment. Dan Johnson, a drummer, joined Red in 2019.

Red has produced top albums, including “Innocence and Instincts” (2009), “Hide/Pieces” (2007), and “Release the Panic” (2013). Their 2006 debut album, “End of Silence,” earned a nomination for the highly coveted Grammy Awards. Their best-selling singles include “Breathe into Me,” “Until We Have Faces,” and “Death of Me.”

5. Switchfoot

Switchfoot is a California-based Christian rock band that has been in existence since 1996. The five band members include Jon Foreman (lead singer), Tim Foreman, Drew Shirley, Jerome Fontamillas, and Chad Butler.

Switchfoot songs are, especially, renowned for their immensely thoughtful and magnificent lyrics. Their 2003 debut, “The Beautiful Letdown,” comprises powerful songs, like “Dare You to Move” and “Meant to Live.” Switchfoot’s 7th album, “Hello Hurricane,” won the 2011 Grammy Award for Best Rock Gospel.

6. Disciple

Disciple is among the most outstanding Christian rock bands of all time. Established in 1992, Disciple has twelve music albums and one compilation album. Additionally, Disciple produced a live extended play and three extended plays.

Currently, the band comprises three members; Kevin Young (lead vocals), Joey West, and Josiah Prince. Their top albums include “Horseshoes and Handgrenades” (2010), “Scars Remain” (2006), and “O God Save Us All” (2012). Their 2019 release, “Love Letter Kill Shot,” is equally ruling the Christian music airwaves. “Horseshoes and Handgrenades” won the 2011 GMA Dove Award for Rock Album of the Year.

7. Newsboys

Newsboys is one of the Christian bands taking the world by storm. The band comprises Michael Tait (lead vocalist), Jeff Frankenstein, Jody Davis, and Duncan Phillips. Since its establishment in 1985, Newsboys has produced seventeen albums. Of the seventeen albums, six have Gold Certification.

Newsboys top tracks include “He Reigns,” “Shine,” “Breakfast,” “Wherever We Go,” and “Something Beautiful.” Newsboys featured in the “God’s Not Dead” movie. Newsboys also appeared in the subsequent films- “God’s Not Dead 2”, and “God’s Not Dead: A Light in Darkness.”

8. Relient K

The American Christian rock band is one of the most outstanding and popular music groups. Its founders include Matt Hoopes, Matt Thiessen, and Brian Pittman. The band owns nine albums and seven extended plays. Since its establishment in 1998, Relient K has sold more than two million copies. Additionally, three Relient K albums are Gold Certified.

Top albums from Relient K include the debut album, “Mmhmm,” which ranked top 15 in the US Billboard Chart. Other popular albums include “Forget and Not Slow Down” (2009) and “Five Score and Seven Years Ago” (2007). Among the top-ranking Relient K’s tracks include “I So Hate Consequences,” “Be My Escape,” and “Deathbed.”

9. FF5

Initially referred to as Family Force 5, FF5, is an Atlanta-based Christian rock group founded in 2005. If you’re looking for quality Christian rock, you shouldn’t miss out on FF5 tracks. FF5 members are two brothers, Joshua Olds and Jacob Olds.

FF5 is renowned for its exceptional music, which encompasses unique styles like punk, dance-pop, and rap metal. The band has five albums and nine extended plays. Their Christmas album, “Family Force 5 Christmas Pageant”, ranks among the top globally. Popular singles include “Hold Your Hand,” “Walk on Water,” and “Fire on the Highway.” FF5 has featured various artists in their tracks, including Lecrae, KB, and Tedashii.

10. For King and Country

For King and Country has won a Grammy Award four times. The band comprises two brothers, Luke and Joel Smallbone. Their 2014 album, “Run Wild. Live Free. Love Strong,” ranked on the US Billboard Chart for a record duration of seventeen weeks.

In 2018, their single, “Joy,” ranked second in the Hot Christian Songs. “Joy” also earned a nomination in the 2019 Grammy Awards. For King and Country recently released a Christmas album, “A Drummer Boy Christmas,” containing thirteen songs.

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