Top 10 Bra Tips for New Moms: All You Need to Know

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One of the problems I encountered when I was in the eight months of my pregnancy of my first kid was the problem of how to make a choice of my postpartum underwear, maternity panties, and nursing bras. Where can I get to buy one? What’s going to be the size? What should I be looking for when I want to buy? Does color matter or which of the colors are better? Like how many should I get? Is it the lace or the padded ones? Is it the push-ups? What’s the best choice? Practically I was clueless.

Thanks to my mom, she noticed I wasn’t particular about this matter gave me a surprise one day by giving me nursing bras that were new. She got me that few days I got my kid.

So if you are a new mum or you stilling in expectant and you are in this similar situation, I have 10 tips for you when going out to get that nursing bra of yours.

Important Nursing Bra Fitting Tips

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Make sure you make use of a sizing guide to have your size measured because this will assist you to get a bra which is going to be your perfect and correct size. After you have had your size measured, you might not really end up not having the bra size that you thought you would wear, you are going to get the one that will fit you better.

After giving birth, your breasts would be getting enlarge the more your milk is coming in, because of this you have to purchase a bra at least one or two less expensive ones when you are late in your pregnancy. Purchase those with sizes that are numerical and a size that is a bit bigger than your size normally. For example, if your bra size is 34C try and buys 36C.

We have some bra which is to be worn when you are pregnant and also when you are breastfeeding your baby. These bras are designed in such a way that they do have cross-over design in the front of the bra and they are also very good for sleeping because they are very comfortable and there are also offer good support amount.

When you have noticed that your breast size has settled down- mostly its always in the second or third week depending on how it secrete milk, then you can go ahead and buy additional bras that will fit well.

Check the Bra’s Hooks and Strap and for Extra Support

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A lot of nursing bras do have several numbers of hooks which are at the back in order to allow the changes in your breast size and the way your ribcage would expand during pregnancy. If you have purchased a bra which fits well, when you have the hooks fastened in the second row, there will be enough room to have the bra gets bigger or smaller.

The different kinds of bras have different kinds of level of support, women that have small breasts will feel their breast full and heavy as soon as the milk is coming in. Though, its important for women who have large breasts to put on a minimizer bra that has extra support in order to avoid discomforts and back pain that you would have around the breasts.

The bras that will provide you with the best support are the ones that have a shoulder strap that is wide and it has fabric that will have the whole breast surrounded even if the cup is opened for you to feed your baby.

As a new mum, you are going to have need of at least three bras:

  • One you have to wear
  • One you have inside the laundry
  • The other one you have inside the drawer.

Due to some reasons, your washing will be lessened.

We have different styles of bras for new moms which are quite much and they are all available for new moms to make their choice from. It’s quite advisable for you to purchase one kind of a style first for you to have it tested first. When you have now gotten the bra that you are satisfied with, then you go ahead and buy more of the style.

We have some of the nursing bras that have underwire in them which helps in providing extra support. If you get a nursing bra that is of this style, be certain it a bra that its underwire is soft and its flexible in order to avoid discomfort and to sure that the wire wouldn’t press on your breast for it not to cause your ducts getting blocked.


This few that are highlighted above is to ensure you know the tips as a new mom when choosing your lingerie. With these tips that are high listed above, you will feel more comfortable about purchasing the right bra and knowing the process of getting one that would fit.

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