Tools to monitor your business competitors


In business, it is compulsory to watch every move of your competitors to overshadow them. With the usage of Internet technology, it is affordable to look at what the rivals are doing without even spying on them or using dirty tricks.

The watchword that is doing the round in the web world is competitive analysis. By adopting this method, you can keep a check on every move of your opposition. You can easily roll your sleeves up by examining their positive and negatives points.

The first compulsory step for the sake of your business is to learn whom you are competing with. When you are clear of the competition, here are a few simple methods to monitor and analyze how to get an edge over them. 

1. Monitor their blogs  

Blogs are powerful and cost-effective methods to communicate any product and services. Whenever any company comes up with something new, the first thing they do is to make their patrons aware of it through blogs that generally contain current information.

Therefore, build a habit of reading their blogs every day. Your knowledge about any new features, future launch, fresh partners, and any takeover or share disbursement will be inflated. Equally important is to read the comments posted by the patrons or the readers. 

2. Using Products 

There is no scope for hearsay in business. Do not rely on rumours since they spread like a fire in a wild dry forest. Instead, believe your instinct and try to use the products and services of your competitors.

You can order the product or services online by setting up an account. It is a standard procedure for companies to launch their product on the Internet first before going for a press release. Besides, open an account to receive their newsletters and emails to keep abreast with their new plans. 

3. Browse through their Website contents 

By browsing through your competitor’s website, you can compare it with yours. Try to gauge what makes them stand out from yours. Is the content, links, design, photos, videos or the inquiry form that is overdoing your business? Just make a call or drop in an email to their customer support and see how fast they react. Since the customer service is of prime importance in business, you could try to inculcate it in your business. Scan every single tab or link on the website to study which way the competitor is heading. 

4. Monitor social activity  

Follow your competitors on every possible social network site such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Since people are addicted to social networks, many companies use them as a promotion tool. You will understand how they approach social media and interact with people, including the action and reactions of individuals. You can use Spokeo to find out all their profiles in social networks.

5. Keywords

Proper keyword research is a critical aspect of your search engine optimization and to enable you to stay ahead of the competitors. If your site is not targeting the right keywords, the search engines and your customers may never find your business hence your competitors may stay ahead of you. If you target the wrong keywords, you will be wasting a lot of money, energy, time to advertise your business and enable you to rank better than your competitors.  With seo company los angeles you can propel your traffic and stay ahead of competitors.

6. Backlinks with Ahrefs 

Page-rank is a concept used by Google to range website pages, according to the number and quality of the links linking to your web pages and the links to the linking pages. This is only one of the algorithms Google uses to rank your website; it also has to have relevant descriptions in the titles. It has to “say exactly what it says on the tin.”

Your website also has to have interesting, informative information that people are searching for. Make sure that you use links with Ahrefs to know how your competitors are doing. 

7. Shared content and new content

Create new content every day to stay ahead of your competitor. You can share different content to make sure many people visit your page to be ahead of your competitors. 


Watching every step of your competitors and their marketing strategy is crucial for the life of your business. However, it is important to react and take positive steps. Otherwise, all these methods will be of no use.

Valerie Malecha is a content writer for Spokeo. She has a great experience in marketing, travel, business and relationship sphere.

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