Tips to walk in heels from

Festive outfits require a good pair of heels. But learning to walk on it can be quite a challenge. Here are some great tips to start with.

Step 1 Start with wedges or thick heels
Never walked on heels before? Start with platform shoes, wedges, or thick heels before you turn to stilettos. You can find the perfect shoes on

Step 3 Choose the right shoes
Being able to walk well on heels starts with choosing the right shoes. Choose the right size; make sure they are not too tight or too large. If the shoes are too large or too small they will be uncomfortable you can get blisters or feel pressure.

Step 2 Practice indoors
It is important to keep practicing. Nobody can immediately walk on high stiletto heels. First practice at home on a level floor, until you have mastered the technique and no longer wobble. First practice standing still. Then wear the heels for example while vacuuming or ironing, then you learn to stand still and take small steps.

Step 4 The correct posture
Maintain a balanced position: the shoulders back and the chest forward. This makes standing and walking in heels a lot easier. Stand firmly on the heels with feet straight under your hips. Pretend there is a string on your crown that ensures that the neck stays long. Slightly tighten the abdominal muscles, creating a better balance. Repeat the exercise so that you can maintain this posture while walking.

Step 5 Practice makes perfect
Finally, you put your knowledge into practice. Build this phase up quietly. Put on the high heels for work or a birthday. Take flat shoes with you in case it becomes too uncomfortable or painful.

The more you practice, the faster you succeed. Try to walk in high heels for at least half an hour every night, so the footbed adjusts and the shoes feel comfortable at some point. If you still have trouble walking, just put on the shoes and stay on the couch. Even then the footbed will rise automatically and will eventually fix itself in the correct position.


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