Tips to use the AirTrack

When you use the AirTrack you don’t have to worry about unsafe and hard landings. So you can safely practice your artistic arts on this mat. If your jump or trick goes differently than expected, the AirTrack guarantees that you can avoid painful falls. The best AirTrack for sale is made of a high quality.

Regulate the air pressure yourself

Due to the resilience, the mat gives you more speed to your tricks and flips. You can also adjust the spring force by adjusting the (air) pressure. Test for yourself what the ideal pressure is: would you like a hard mat, or as a beginner would prefer one that feels softer? Experiment yourself and find the most comfortable way of training for yourself.

Safe with the AirTrack mat

Always handle the mat as carefully as possible and do not use it, for example, to land on if you want to jump from a high distance. This mat is not made for that.

Easy to carry and on the move

The handy thing about the AirTrack mats is that they are easy to carry. So you can train at any time and wherever you want. Assemble the mat as appropriate for the moment, and start practicing. You can also purchase the mats for at home. Read the air track brand reviews to make sure you purchase the best one.

What else do you need to consider with the AirTrack?

Keep the AirTrack products away from fire and sharp objects during use. Make sure the inflatable mat is stored in a dry place, and watch out for rodents and insect bites.

Which air pressure in the AirTrack is best to use?
It all depends on the product, the sport, the skill level and the weight of the users. It is advised to always use enough pressure so as not to exhaust and refill the mat before each new workout. Of course, this also depends on how the mats are used and how frequently you train on them.

AirTrack mats for the gym

Various studies have shown that gymnastics is the best sport for children to practice and improve body coordination. There are various air tumble track gymnastics games that children love.

AirEquipment such as AirTrack mats are a perfect solution that ensure that children can develop and train safely and have fun at the same time.This is also beneficial for the teachers, so that they can teach with confidence.

In addition, children will be less afraid of challenging themselves in this type of sports equipment. They will land softly.

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