Tips to Take Awesome Photography on Your Wedding Day Using Drones

drone photography

We all want our wedding day to be the most memorable day. So, it is quite understandable that you want to make your special day more memorable by including drone photography in the plan. These small flying machines capture such breathtaking videos and pictures that nobody can resist wanting it to be a part of their big day. However, you require some special preparations if you want your wedding day to be captured by drones. Here, we are sharing some of the most important tips for an awesome photo shoot on your wedding day using drones.

Decide a proper date – Obviously, you were not expecting this point to be here but it actually belongs in here. You cannot get perfect or even good videos if the weather is not right for the drone flight. Rainy and windy days are the perfect weather for ruining any drone photography or videography sessions. So, while deciding a wedding date, keep in mind the weather condition of that particular time. Avoid the months of heavy precipitations. A calm and shiny day would be the best choice.

Choose a nice venue – Once the wedding date has been decided, you’ll need to choose a venue that can work perfectly for your photo backdrops. You’ll need to choose an outdoor location for drone photography. Places like islands, parks, countryside, and churchyards are an ideal location for perfect drone wedding shoot. We suggest you consider 3-4 venues of your choice. Obviously, you’ll be having your wedding party only at one venue but at this point, you need to have a list of venues. You can also take help from professional drone photographers in finalizing one from these venues.

Choose a good drone photographer – Drone photography will be an add-on to your wedding budget so make sure you can utilize it completely. Before finalizing a photographer check her previous projects. Don’t go on the price tag; rather, choose the one with creativity and technical expertise.

Get educated about the regulatory laws – Once you have created a list of venues, start doing your research about the regulatory laws of the areas. Drones are not allowed near sensitive areas like power plants, national parks, and military bases. If the venue you chose falls under any restricted areas then you’ll not be allowed legally for a drone wedding shoot. At some places, the altitude of drones’ flight is restricted to certain levels. Check for all the drone rules for the venues you have chosen and finalize a venue with the least restrictions on drones.

Visit the venue with drone photographer well in advance – Drone photography requires some pre-flight preparations, so consider visiting the place with the professional drone photographer you’ll be hiring. You should discuss all your expectations from the wedding day photo shoot with the photographer. Having this discussion well in advance helps the photographer to plan the flight paths. When everything is planned well, the photo shoot will naturally be awesome. So, decide everything with your photographer and let her plan the entire video.

Don’t keep it a secret until your wedding day – If you are a fun-loving person, you’ll surely like to give your guests a big surprise by keeping the plan of drone photography as a secret until the big day. But, this surprise is very risky; it can ruin your entire wedding album. The drone photographer needs to be left alone when she is operating the drone because it requires concentration. You’ll surely not like some of your over-enthusiastic guests to ask the drone photographer to give them a quick lesson or bombard her with questions.

Disturbing a drone photographer while she is taking pictures can not only ruin the shoot but, can also cause an accident. You surely don’t want an accident to take place during your wedding ceremony. You should also note that drone is yet not a very common thing. So, it will steal away the attention of guests from you if kept surprise. Do you want wedding pictures where all the guests are looking with awe at the sky while you are taking vows with your significant other? Pre-informing the guests about the aerial shooting will make your album more realistic and beautiful.

Bonus tips: If you own a drone yourself then take it to your honeymoon because dronies are way more stylish than selfies. You can learn the tips to take awesome dronies on your own here After all, your honeymoon memories deserve to be as beautiful and memorable as your wedding day.

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