Tips to finding love when you are 40+


Dating at your 40th or 50th is no longer the way it was in your twenties. Times have changed, but you too have changed, and perhaps your idea about the ideal person. Before you start looking for a new companion, you have to get that right for yourself. Ask yourself some important questions: why do you want to date again? Are you ready for a serious relationship or would you rather just have some fun? What are you looking for? If you have that in mind, you can take the next step.

Dating when you’re 40+ or 50+

Years ago there was no dating site targeted for 40 or 50 plus. But times have changed and internet dating, speed dating, 40+ events, single weekends single holidays, you name it there are tons of opportunity’s out there to meet single-minded peers.  Online dating, speed dating, going on a single vacation, Tinder. Encountering a great love is certainly not impossible, but hilarious mismatches, exciting affairs, disappointments, and heartbreak happen at any age. So older doesn’t necessarily mean wiser. If you are divorced or haven’t been dating for years it can be tough to start dating again. During your dates you might not feel any chemistry, some men are only after sex and some women are ruthless.  But the good thing is when you start dating you will find out what you like and don’t like and instead of putting a lot of pressure on your date just see it as a way to get to know people, make friends and do fun activities. With this mindset, you won’t be disappointed when your first date is not the man or woman of your dreams.

Never have sex right away

The majority of people are seriously looking for a partner, a relationship or close friendship, or even marriage. If you connect, you can be happy together for another thirty years and create a beautiful life together. That dream attracts people to dating sites. If you are looking for a life partner don’t have sex on the first date but take your time to get to know the person better. Some people that are divorced or lost their previous partner don’t take enough time to leave their past behind and expect to find a new partner as soon as possible. But dating is an adventure and it takes time to find the right match.

Meet up in real life

Long-term e-mailing or texting with a potential date is not recommended. You will start to get huge expectations that grow bigger and bigger until you finally meet the person. You might have a great bond in the digital world and feel you can relate but when you meet in real you will see if you really connect. It’s incredible how some people decide to text or e-mail for months only to find out the person is not right for them.

Create a dating profile

Practice makes perfect so when you create your dating profile on think about what qualities you have and what qualities you are looking for. Go on real, not too long dates then you discover what to look for when you read someone’s dating profile. Creating a well-thought-out profile yourself also makes a huge difference in the quality of the attention you receive. You can write that you like to read, but it is better to write which book you are reading now. Show who you are. And remember don’t put too much pressure on a date just enjoy your time even if it doesn’t turn out to be the one.

If you create an interesting dating profile with a vibrant photo, you increase the chance of responses. You have to spend some time there. What makes you the person that you are? Try to give a unique answer to that, but remain yourself. Get other users interested by telling something nice about your interests and hobbies. Make sure you do not provide any personal details like your complete address. Your profile photo must have been recently taken, be of good quality and show your face well. If you do not have a recent photo make one.

Be realistic

If you set unrealistic requirements, you won’t find the right partner any time soon. You can have a lot of demands like he needs to be taller, ten years younger, bring the perfect flowers and be in great shape, etc. All these requirements just make it more difficult to find a suitable partner. No one is perfect. The sooner you realize this the easier and more fun dating becomes.

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