Tips To Dress Appropriately For Work (For Men)

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The way you dress says a lot about you. No matter how many times you try to deny it, people are going to get their first impression of you from the way you carry yourself. When it comes to the office, dress code is key, and it’s better if you try to follow it.

Some people think it’s not the way you look but it’s how hard you work that determines your status, but every space has its own unique style. If you’re going to the office, you should look like it. If you’re going to a professional meeting, you should look professional; no one should be distracted by the way you’re dressed.

For most of us, choosing how to dress can be very stressful. So here are some tips:

Be confident

Always remember that the key to looking on-point for any occasion is by being confident. Own whatever you‘re wearing. You can be wearing the best and the most expensive outfit, but if you don’t love it, no one else will. If you’re not confident enough, try to dress up early and give yourself time before going out. Focus on every little detail. When you think you’re fully satisfied with your look, then you’re ready to go out and slay the day.

Button up shirts

In offices all around the world, wearing a button-up shirt is a necessity. A button-up makes quite an impression and tells the world you’re ready for business. When you’re looking for shirts, always go for the plain ones. If you’re heading for an official meeting, we recommend you wear light colors rather than bright ones. Never choose shirts with large or floral prints. If you’re bored with plain shirts, you can always go with checked or striped patterns. If it’s still hard to choose, explore shirts on Made & Mastered! They have a variety of colors in different fits, they are the best button-up shirts for both casual and formal wear. You’ll never have to repeat a style!

Wear the right size

Half the population doesn’t even know that they’re wearing the wrong size. We don’t even realize brands offer different sizes! One brand’s medium size will be different from another brand’s. Many stores offer free returns now. They also offer sizing charts on their websites, but even then sizing may get confusing. Buy one shirt in the size you normally wear and another one size smaller or larger depending on the size chart. Try them on and return the one that doesn’t fit. That way, everything you get will fit just right.

Always smell nice

You should always smell minty fresh. Try to take a shower every day before you head off to work. Use scented body wash and exfoliate regularly. It sounds like a small thing, but it makes a world of difference. Always keep a small bottle of perfume or deodorant with you, especially during the Summertime. We recommend you keep a mouth freshener spray or mint chewing gum, and use it before going to a meeting or any gathering of people.

Always wear watch

We are well aware of the fact that you don’t need a watch in this day and age, but wearing a watch can add about 10% to your overall personality. Always choose a darker color: they tend to give a stronger look than the brighter ones.

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