Tips to choose a stunning diamond for an engagement ring

Diamonds are forever and, so is your love bond with your partner. The diamond represents purity and innocence. A diamond ring is perfect for special occasions like engagement. If you have found your true love, don’t wait too long to ask her the big question. Nothing can be better than holding a diamond ring to propose your lady. Some prefer to shop loose diamonds and then get it crafted in desired metal while others like to buy diamond engagement ring directly from the jewelry stores.

But the real question striking your head should be what kind of diamond is best for your relationship. We all know diamonds come in various shapes, sizes, and weights. Don’t you worry; this article is the complete guide for you to select a perfect fit for your engagement ring.

engageement ring

  1. Picking a diamond

Whenever you decide to visit the diamond shop, remember to examine four basic qualities in it. You can say them the four C to consider while selecting a diamond. They are Cut Color, Clarity, and Carat. The overall worth of a diamond is based on the excellence of these four qualities. The amount of light it reflects back to the viewer is the brilliance of a diamond. A good quality diamond with all the four Cs in apt proportion adds the brilliance. Hence, make sure to evaluate your diamond on the exact parameter before choosing one for your engagement ring.

  1. Cut of a diamond

Diamonds naturally have octahedral structure, which makes round the ideal cut for them. A round cut with 57 facets reflects the maximum amount of light. Hence, they have the highest quality, brilliance, and value. A diamond’s cut is rated as per the pavilion facets edges and, it’s symmetrical. These pavilion facets are at a 41-degree angle to the girdle for the diamond to achieve peak brilliance. Sometimes, jewelrs cut diamonds off the ideal measurement to maximize its carat weight. A diamond with a heavy make means that the cut is made to retains its weight and, a diamond with spread make indented to make it appear wide. These are the tricks that diamond makers use to fool the viewer and charge high for low-grade diamonds.

Also, check the girdle of the diamond as a too thin cut can reduce its value and raise the risk of getting a break. There are more cuts available such as Princess cut diamonds and cushion cut diamonds.

  1. Colour of a Diamond

Generally, diamonds are colorless. However, diamonds are rated from D to Z grade. Out of which, Grades D, E, and F are colorless and, on the other hand, the spectrum is saturated with bright colors such as pink or yellow. Diamonds are not evaluated based on the color. But their value depends on the grades and the cuts of the diamond. Still, some jewelrs consider colored diamond rare and more expensive than the colorless ones. When these colored diamonds are fixed with the metals like gold or platinum, it turns out to be white in color.


Diamonds are an extremely attractive jewel. Women love to have one on their finger during their big occasion. If you count these criteria, you will definitely pick the right diamond engagement ring for your special someone. All these considerations together add up to the value of a diamond. Hence, never fall for a shiny piece of stone without actually examining its worth. Love is a special bond and, let your diamond speak the language of love for you.

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