Style Tips for a Sexy look this Summer

mini skirt

Let’s face it: sexy mini skirts are here to stay. Though wearing a mini skirt can be intimidating, it’s a great way to feel good about yourself. You can look sexy in a mini-skirt without crossing the boundary between classy and trashy. There are many ways to style a mini skirt for a date night, a dinner with friends, or just for a nice summer day.

Work with your body type, not against it

There are certain kinds of mini-skirts that work great with certain body types. Patterned, textured minis work best on slender women. Longer ones in a dark color work best for pear-shaped body types. Women with a slimmer lower body should look into flared mini-skirts that don’t hug the thighs. Women with an hourglass figure, meanwhile, lucked out in the mini skirt department, as they can wear just about any kind of mini there is. Remember, any mini skirt can be a sexy mini skirt as long as it flatters your figure. Discover fashion designers here.

Set the vibe with the right top

Figure out whether you want to look more casual or more polished. If you want to look more casual, you can wear an ordinary tee and tuck it into your waistband. You can also wear a billowy top that fits you just right so you can show off your shape. If you want to look more polished, you can wear a button-up blouse or a form-fitting V-neck cardigan.

Don’t be afraid to look edgy

Though looking sexy means looking flirty and feminine, don’t be afraid to lend your look some edge by incorporating masculine-looking pieces. You can wear a masculine blazer or a structured leather jacket. You can wear a man’s shirt with your mini by rolling up the sleeves and tucking the shirt in. Also, chunky metallic jewelry can set off the femininity or your outfit.

Wear the right accessories

The right shoes can also set the vibe of your outfit. They can complement your mini really well. You can wear almost any shoe with a flouncy school girl mini skirt. Wearing wedges can make you look casual while still looking great in a mini. While you can wear flats with your mini if you prefer, remember that a mini skirt is supposed to show off your legs, and heels can make your legs look even better.

Play with patterns

As mentioned above, patterned mini-skirts go very well with slender figures. However, if you have a different kind of body type, there’s no reason for you to forgo wearing patterns. You can still wear patterned tops that set off your mini skirt. You can wear plaid, polka dots, and stripes. What matters is that you are careful with the pattern you choose and how you look in it. You can also shop sexy summer dresses, StyleWe has a stunning amount of independent designers you can’t find anywhere else!

Classy and sexy do not have to be mutually exclusive. There are so many ways to style a mini-skirt, and you can have a lot of fun with finding a style you’re comfortable with.

mini skirt


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