Tips on Writing a Short Biography of a Famous Person

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Writing about famous people is like describing someone about whom you know everything and nothing at the same time. Sometimes it seems like it is easier to write a book on someone’s life than to create a short biography from a magazine or blog. Is it possible to create a short biography that will not bore the readers and at the same time unveil the most important characteristics of the famous person in question? We believe so yes. Stop wrecking your brain over this challenge and use our tips on how to write a brief but impressive biography that will make your blog shine.

Try to Grasp the Atmosphere

Writing about famous people, you should always remember that they are famous related to the particular sphere of life, to the particular field. It can be science, fashion, art and design, music, sports, etc. The part of this person’s charm, charisma lies in the atmosphere of this field. Writing about the model, you can’t neglect the general information about the fashion industry of the time — and this atmosphere nowadays differs from the atmosphere in the 40s or 70s. The same goes for any field for industry. Writing about the success, don’t forget to mention the circumstances and background — hardly anyone now believes in lucky chances. However, remember that you are writing a short story, and you need to make your readers feel this atmosphere just through several brief sentences.

Skip Mediocre Facts

Use relevant, impressive, meaningful information only. Even if the fact is minor, but it tells a lot about the particular famous person, it is better to use that tiny fact than some boring but classical biographical information, like graduating college, etc. Remember, it is a brief biography, you are limited in volume, so be picky. If you are obligated to mention mediocre facts, keep this section brief or better use bullet lists. They help to structure your article and save space.

Pay Attention to Paradoxes

A story without twists and paradoxes is a boring story, especially when it is a story about some famous person. People like to read about a beautiful actress that invented GPS, and they are much less impressed by the beautiful actress marrying a millionaire. Find this paradox in the story of your character and use it to the fullest. It is beneficial for a short bio to use such puzzle in the title or a headline. Your key goal is to attract attention, and this twist can help you a lot.

Don’t Add too Many Extra Characters

Of course, the famous person you are writing about it has some friends, family, maybe kids, maybe ex-wives or husbands, and some of their stories are also interesting. However, you can’t afford to pay too much attention to them, their lives or even their relationships with the person you write about. Mention only the most important connections and make sure your character takes the central place. Here, you can also use a power of paradox. For example, you are writing about male fashion blogger whose mother is a police officer, who first found her son’s profession “unmanly” but later became his greatest supporter.

Be Clear and Concise

Make sure that every abstract logically follows the previous abstract, as well as each sentence, is logically connected with the last sentence. Describing someone’s life, it is easy to get lost, and lose logic on your way. To make sure it doesn’t happen to the short biography you are working on, write a preliminary plan of what you are going to unveil. Even if you want your short biography to be written professionally and to be more like a five-abstract essay, write a short plan and follow it. It will really help if you read other short biographies, choose the ones you like the most and copy their logic and style at some point. Steal like a genius 🙂

It is not obligatory to make every sentence of the short biography you write scandalous, but make sure the whole story is bright and engaging enough.


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