Tips on Weed Cleansing – How to Pass a Urine Drug Test for THC & Marijuana


In some situations, such as the recruitment process, work on a highly responsible position or perhaps a standard check of employees, the employers may conduct drug tests whenever they want. This is their legal right; in this way, the company can defend its business interests. Also, the court can order someone to do a drug test, as part of the investigation process.

Most people are scared of the drug test, or what will happen if it shows a positive result. Analyzes may indicate the presence of various opiates, but employers usually ask for testing that confirms the use of THC and marijuana. The consumption of these opiates is widespread, even for medical purposes. You can read more about medical marijuana on this webpage.

The employer can announce a drug test whenever they want, but with the obligation to inform the workers on time according to the Oregon drug testing laws. It can sometimes be scheduled for the next day, and sometimes employees will have a couple of days to “prepare” themselves. Employers also have the final say on what tests would be required. In any case, employees will be notified; it’s up to them to think of how to pass the test.

How Urine Drug Test Works

If you want to pass a urine drug test, you have to know whether testing will be inside the company or in specialized laboratories. Because of discretion, each worker usually comes in a pre-scheduled appointment.

An employer should provide a sample of urine in a labeled specimen cup, whether brought or given in a lab before the drug test. Sampling can be supervised or unsupervised. It usually depends on whether the controls are routinely administered or there are reasonable suspicions of the misuse of marijuana in a workplace. In order to get better prepared, we should know whether someone will watch us while peeing or not.

There is a well-defined procedure for giving a sample and how much urine will be considered relevant. If the test is unsupervised, lab technicians will measure the time you need to sample. If you stay too long, it can cause suspicion. So it’s important to organize yourself well before you go to the drug test so you can “cheat” it easily. Even a false positive test is a desirable result for you. One more tip is that you always take a midstream and to clean your genitals well before sampling.

Having Test in a Short Notice

Although it rarely happens that employers announce the test in the next 24 hours, it’s better for you to prepare for this situation. If you already have experience with drug testing, it’s useful to have some of the detox kits at hand, just in case. You can use Stat Flush, it works by delivering natural herbs through capsules that you can take with water. Read the rest of the review on Stat Flush.

However, as many often surprise when the employer announces the test for the next day, you just won’t have enough time to deal with the Internet shopping or stores tour. It is great to know that you can get clean even in such a short time, using the imagination and the ingredients each of us has at home.

Dilute Urine Carefully

You can’t completely eliminate marijuana from your body in less than 24 hours, but you can dilute it or try to mask its metabolites. Let water, green tea, coffee, and cranberry juice become your best friends until the test. Drink as many fluids as you can and do not restrain yourself. Pee whenever you can.

If you use too much diuretic, urine may lose its properties. The redundant pattern is very easy to recognize. In order not to get into the situation to lab deny your sample, be sure to use vitamin B, creatinine and pectin supplements. These will preserve the natural composition of urine, but also its color, density, and pH value.

Use Aspirin

It is known that aspirin is useful for many things, and concealing marijuana metabolites is just one of them. Salicylic acid, which is the active ingredient of this drug, works on harmful particles while they are still in the bloodstream, i.e., while they haven’t reach the urinary tract.

The combination of aspirin and water will reduce the number of marijuana metabolites, diluting the urine sample without making it suspicious. The advice is to take 4 aspirins at least a few hours before the test, with plenty of water. Try to urinate as often as possible, so the concentration of marijuana metabolites decreases below the prescribed limit values.

Urine Test Is Announced in the Next Couple of Days


When the company announces the drug test in a few days, the chances of you to pass it are much higher because you have more time to prepare yourself. In addition to all of the mentioned methods for passing a test in short notice, you now have enough time to get some of the products that Drug Testing Reviews recommend, but also to focus on a more detailed detox of the organism.

It takes about a month for the body to clean itself naturally. This process can be accelerated by using natural cleansing agents such as activated charcoal. Take this ingredient in the form of powder or pill before each meal with plenty of water. The earlier you start, the effect will be better. Charcoal particles bind the harmful THC and marijuana metabolites and eliminate them within the feces.

Turn to a healthy lifestyle before doing the test. Let your meals be lighter, full of fresh foods and rich in fiber. Try to work out and do cardio at least for a half an hour per day. A certain percentage of metabolites, your body will excrete by sweat. So it’s a good idea to visit the sauna a couple of times to speed sweating.

Fun fact is that, after the effect of marijuana passes (it happens shortly after you stop smoking or inhaling it), substances like the THC and other marijuana metabolites remain in the body for a while. That’s why any of the standardized drug tests can easily detect these traces, and the urine testing is one of the most common.

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